Women have a lot on their plates between motherhood, career, and time constraints. It seems impossible to dress stylishly and confidently. But it isn’t!

Have you noticed that some women have an effortless, polished quality to them? It seems that they are able to dress in a way that is effortless and polished.

For these women, it’s less about a secret talent and more about knowing what they like and adhering to a few principles. The women develop a personal style strategy so that the majority of the guesswork can be eliminated from the start, and dressing in the morning becomes a breeze.

You can look stylish and well-put together without investing in a new wardrobe by following a few simple rules.

Browse the top 50 fashion tips for women, regardless of size, budget, or aesthetic. They will help you to automate your wardrobe and remove the confusion of what to wear.


To establish your style, you must first develop your message. Imagine this as a personal brand – a package that reveals who you really are and highlights your best qualities.

Ask yourself how you want to be perceived by those you come into contact with. Choose words that will help you create a mental image of how you would like to be perceived. It’s crucial to be as concise and clear as possible when choosing adjectives like intelligent, powerful, and sophisticated. These words will help you to gauge your image. This is where we begin when we first start the process for a new client. You must first know what you want to say before deciding on the style of your clothes.

What do you want your style to say? What is your desired tone?


Clothing is an extension of who you are. Don’t force your clothing to be an extension of who you are. It should enhance your image and reflect your true personality. It means you shouldn’t force yourself to wear stilettos 5 inches high, which will require an hour of foot massages at the end of the day if flats are more comfortable for you. Or wearing the latest fashions just because your friends do. Wear clothing that makes you feel good.

Ask yourself three simple questions to determine whether you will feel comfortable in an outfit. Will I have to adjust it constantly? Do I see myself in the mirror, or am I trying hard to be someone else? Do I enjoy wearing this clothing? Answering yes to all three questions is a good sign. Look for an alternative.

Don’t Prioritize Fashion Over Comfort

This is one of the most important style tips for women.

When choosing between comfort and style, choose the one that feels best. You can’t exude any power when you are uncomfortable or restricted. Beauty is not pain, as the old saying goes. Women juggle a busy career with childrearing and family life. We don’t want to spend an 8-hour day at work in jeans or a dress, which makes us feel suffocated. We can always find an equally stylish alternative.

What inspires you

When learning a new skill, it’s helpful to study the work of others who have already mastered that skill. When you’re determining the foundation of your style, it can be beneficial to take inspiration from those who are similar to yourself.

Make a list. It can be celebrities, politicians, or TV characters. Or it could even be co-workers. You can better define your style by identifying the people you admire.

This exercise can be difficult. It isn’t easy to imagine ourselves in something different than our usual clothes. Instead, focus on what you like and ignore your natural fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone.


Create a collection that reflects your desired style. Look for images of outfits, icons, or anything else to use as a reference in building your brand.

Pinterest is an excellent platform for assembling ideas. The algorithm quickly learns your preferences to make personalized suggestions. Our account is a great place to get started.

You can also save images to a folder on your phone or use magazine pictures and create a mood board.

You can easily see patterns and trends in your tastes by collecting photos. This visual framework will serve as a style guide when you start putting outfits together.

Assess what you own and let go of anything that doesn’t align

You can assess your wardrobe with objectivity and honesty if you are clear about the image that you want to project. You probably wear the same outfit every day, not because it’s a good fit but because it is comfortable. It’s time for you to become more systematic about your clothing choices.

Examine your wardrobe item by item to see if it fits the style that you want to achieve. It would be best if you let go of everything that does not work. You will repeat the same patterns if you hold on to clothes out of sentimental attachment. Keep only the clothes that are in line with your goals.

Try our 7-step process to maintain an effective and comprehensive wardrobe.

Give your clothes a second life

Clothing is a gift that keeps on giving. What no longer fits you will be of value to someone else. Ask family members and friends if they know anyone who could use a new wardrobe. You can donate to local non-profits that work with people experiencing homelessness. We present the unwanted clothes of our clients to organizations such as Chrysalis or Dress for Success. These are great options to give clothing to those in need who are trying to get back into the workforce.

If you’re looking to earn some extra money, websites like Poshmark, The realReal, and ThredUP can be great places to resell your unwanted clothes.


You’ll want to check everything you kept after you’ve made a major edit to make sure you didn’t hold anything that you don’t use. Try the hanger test to see what clothes you don’t wear. Turn all your hangers so that the hook is facing you. This is the opposite of what you normally do. Re-hang your items with the pins facing away from you.

You can set a date to review what you have worn, usually six months to a year. Make sure to note everything that is still hung in its original way. You can donate or sell these items as you are unlikely to wear them again. They also take up valuable closet space.