Mattresses are often the focus of attention when it comes to choosing a bed. While your bed frame will be crucial, it is also important to consider the mattress. A good bed frame is not only important for a restful night’s sleep but also to create a stylish bedroom.

What’s the best bed frame to use in your bedroom? It depends on the space you have, your taste in design, your budget, and how high you want your bed to be. Below are some standout ideas and tips on choosing a bed frame.

Best Bed Frame Ideas

Unsure how to select a bedframe? It’s not a bad idea to browse on Instagram or browse on Pinterest if you want inspiration. If you love minimalistic design with a touch of modernity as much as Parachute’s decor lovers, then you are in the right hands.

You’ll find inspiration here, whether you prefer canopy beds, sleigh beds, upholstery, statement heads, mid-century frames, or traditional silhouettes. Scroll down to see the best bed frames.

Cozy Curves

The curving mountain range of Laurel Canyon inspired this beautiful frame bed. The rounded edges soften the stately silhouette of the headboard and make it more luxurious.

Choose from washed linen, a linen/cotton blend, or faux shearling to create a sophisticated yet cozy look. This bed frame is made with hardwood slats, so you do not need a box spring.

Moody and Dramatic

Black has a moment of glory in interior design. While black is a bold and dramatic color, it will last for many years. The black bed frame contrasts with the crisp white linen bedding. Both colors are then brought back by the large art piece hanging above the headboard.

Built-In Nightstands

Consider an all-in-one design if you are wondering what bed frame will go with your end tables. This modern bed and nightstand has a rich wood finish with a low-slung silhouette. Built-in pieces enhance the seamless appearance of furniture.

Rounded Out

Are you a fan of simple lines and rounded edges? This mid-century neutral frame will appeal to you for its minimalist feel. This customizable bedroom essential features fabric upholstery in seven neutral colors, as well as double-stitched edges, solid wood legs, and hardwood slats.

Curated Canopy

Although canopy beds are romantic, they do not always need to have feminine draperies. Keep the curtains off to create a gender-neutral look with neutral colors, bed linens, and textured pillows. A bench at the feet, a vintage-inspired rug, and neutral colors such as olive, white, and charcoal are also great ideas.

Minimalism that is Down to Earth

Down-to-earth minimalist design is perfect for those who love clean lines and pared-down plans and want their bedrooms to be cozy and inviting. The wooden lamp and nightstand have brought back the natural light finish of the minimalist bed frame. The layered bedding in white and beige completes the relaxed aesthetic.

Pared-Down Upholstery

This modern bed frame will satisfy your desire for upholstery without being too extravagant. This bed frame features understated upholstery with a variety of simple colors, as well as a split-back, sloped headboard. It’s the perfect combination of clean lines, contemporary furniture, and modern furnishings.

Painted Wall Headboard

You don’t actually need a headboard, but you can have one. This painted wall is a great bed frame idea for DIYers. The floating wood base and half-oval wall decal are a perfect match. And the white and light brown bed sheets add the finishing touch.

Statement Wood

Solid wood frames are a great choice. If you have the courage and the right materials, you could build the headboard, if not even the whole bed. Slanted boards and aged wood create a rustic look.

Industrial Chic

You might choose a bed frame made of tarnished metal if you like the industrial aesthetic. Consider a headboard made of oiled bronze or tarnished metal.

11. Linen Upholstery

This linen bed frame is a great choice for those who like linen curtains, bedding, and clothing. The regal look is enhanced by the tall headboard, subtle curves, and linen upholstery from head to foot.

Wonderful Wicker

Wicker furniture can be used in more than just sunrooms, porches, or patios. The inherently casual material, which has a relaxed elegance and a natural feel, works well in bedrooms. The wicker softens the wicker headboard, nightstand drawer, and dark-painted wall.

Contemporary Contrast

Contrasting does not mean clashing. It is a combination of colors that are on opposite ends of the spectrum and complement each other. Check out this beautiful bedroom. This bedroom strikes a perfect balance between black walls, beige bedding, white linen, black decorative pillows, and a brown throw that harkens back to the rustic wooden nightstands.

Dreamy Grey Wash

You might want to consider a farmhouse bed with a grey-washed headboard if you are looking for a new frame. This bed’s rustic wood in a cool tone and painted white border go perfectly with its cloud cotton quilt, fluffy pillows, and cloud-shaped pillow.

Luxe Velvet Upholstery

Velvet upholstery is incredibly glamorous. The best bed frames have plush velvet headboards like this deep-blue beauty. The Norman window mirror, circular nightstand, and rounded corners on the headboard are all brought back by the Norman window.

Ultra-Soft Faux Shearling

Shearling upholstery is something you’ve never heard of. Hello to the softest bed frame you’ve ever seen. The headboard and footboard are covered in off-white faux sheepskin. This texture is luxurious and unique.

Neatly Natural

This earthy bedroom will appeal to those who love organic textures and earthy colors. The beauty lies in the details, from the wood frame to the floating woodblock shelves and leather drawer pulls.

No Headboard? No Problem

This low-slung bed is a great option if you are short on space. It can be framed with a pair of nightstands, and some pillows add dimension.