Apple Watches are the most personal devices yet. It makes sense, then, to design your own Apple Watch band. You can change the strap according to your mood and the occasion, just like you would choose an outfit for a particular event. This UV-printed microfiber band, available on Zazzle and from ‘In a Flash! ‘, will bring out any pattern or print. The buckle and the long tapered shape are also challenging. If you’re looking to create your own Apple Watch Band, here are some tips on how to make a stylish and custom strap.

Select the Right Size

The size is a good place to begin. You don’t want to spend hours on a design only to realize that you have the wrong size! Choose between two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. These will fit Series 1, 2, and 3 watches. The 40 mm fits perfectly with an Apple Watch Series 4, and the 44mm with a 42 mm.

Make it Different

Make it unique if you want to make your own Apple Watch Band! You can find many standard, low-cost bands available. This is your opportunity to wear something that no one else has ever seen. Instead of a plain color, choose an unusual print or add a personal touch like your favorite animal, your country’s symbol, or even a monogram. Designs like the U.S. Stars and Stripes and the French tricolor are popular!

Use Your Space

Some images are better suited for design than others. Large patterns or plans will be cut and may become unrecognizable. Small continuous prints, such as stripes, plaids, or animal prints, will better fit in the space. Watercolor and abstract artwork, in particular, work well as their fluid shapes are understandable even when only partially displayed. Photos can be difficult. Use a template to create a stack of small images.

Optimize your Image

If you created your image using graphic design software or scanned in a picture you painted or drew, be sure to save it as a JPEG or PNG format. Then, make sure your idea fits the Apple Watch design space. There are two design areas on the strap (top and bottom). The measurements are:

38mm bottom sash: 0.91 inches x 4.33 inches

38mm top strap: 0.92 inches x 2.28 inches

42mm bottom sash: 0.92 inches x 4.52 inches

42mm top strap: 0.92 inches x 2.29 inches

We recommend that you use a resolution of at least 300 dpi for all Zazzle products to avoid blurry results. Be on the lookout for warnings about low-res images!

Know Your Lines

Every millimeter is important due to the narrow, tapered band. The ‘Guidelines” button is available in the toolbar at the top. If you want to keep important design elements, make sure they are within the green dotted lines or “safe print area.” Otherwise, they could be removed! You can expect to see the design trimmed along the blue line, but this can vary. To avoid white borders, we recommend that you fill up the space with the bleed or red line.

Try Tiling

This product is best used with small, continuous designs. The ‘Tiling tool’ is a great way to make a print similar to this. Upload a small picture to your band and click the tiling button on the top toolbar. This will repeat the image in different arrangements across the space. Click on “Layers” in the left-hand menu and select a color.

Make your Mark

Add your monogram or name to the Apple Watch band to personalize it. Click the Text button on the left-hand toolbar. You can then add text to the box and play with font size and color on the right-hand panel. Click on the Gridlines or Align buttons in the toolbar at the top to center your text or align it with the rest.

From Top to Bottom

Don’t forget to design the bottom strap once you’ve finished the top! Click the Layers button on the left toolbar to toggle the band down. This side has a longer shape and a more tapered end than the top. You’ll still need to check the Guidelines even if the image is the same. Use different but coordinated designs on both the top and the bottom. For example, a pattern on one side and an accent color on the other. The buckle, loop, and the back of the band should remain white.

Final Checks

You can switch between the different views of your band while you are designing it. After clicking ‘Done,’ you will be taken back to the product page. We recommend that you review the larger views once more so you are 100% satisfied with the final result. Click ‘Add to cart’ to place your order.

You can also customize existing Apple Watch bands if you do not want to create your own. All the tips above still apply! We hope that the band you choose will be as beautiful as your watch.