If you do not already own an outdoor ceiling fan, you should consider getting one. Most people think that installing an outdoor ceiling fan is only for cooling down. Docia Boylen of Handyman Connection in Golden, Colorado, says that while this is the most important reason to install one, there are also other benefits. The wind generated by the fan will keep bugs and insects away. They cannot fly in the current, so they won’t enter the area of the fan. Most fans come with lights so that you can have the additional benefit of lighting the room. A family with children will be safer with an outdoor fan installed, as there are no objects at their level that could catch little fingers.

We researched and tested the best outdoor ceiling fan models in our homes. We evaluated them on their size, damp/wet ratings, blades, styles, and colors. We also spoke with Bridget Tiek of Tiek by Day, an interior designer in Baton Rouge.

Hunter Cassius Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

We chose the Hunter Cassius Outdoor Ceiling Fan 52-inch after testing it ourselves. It is compact, quiet, and does not hang low, which was important for us as our ceilings were low. It kept our room cool, even on the hottest days. The fan has a damp-rated rating, which means it can be used under a covered porch but shouldn’t be exposed to the elements.

It didn’t take long for us to install the system, thanks to the clear instructions and diagrams in the manual. The wires are color-coded, which makes the installation even easier. We had it running within an hour.

This fan has three speeds: low, medium, and high. It also features three blades that push air. This fan is completely silent, unlike portable Fans that are noisy on high settings.

We didn’t expect the Cassius to have a remote, as it is amongst the most affordable fans available. You can change the settings easily with a pull chain. The blades are also reversible. This allows the fan to move both warm and cool air. The fan is available in four colors: white, matte silver, and matte black.

Hampton Bay Gazebo III 42 in. Indoor/Outdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

This affordable Hampton Bay Gazebo II 42-inch is perfect for rooms, porches, or patios that measure ten by 10. This ceiling fan is not only cheap but also stylish. It costs less than $100 – a fraction of what a normal ceiling fan would cost.

The fan has three basic speeds that are controlled by pull chains. It does not come with a remote control or wall switch. If you need them, you’ll have to buy a universal controller and remote separately. It has a reversible fan motor, which allows you to change the direction of blades during cooler months. This fan does not have lights, but it has built-in wiring in case you decide to add them later.

All you need to do is attach the blades. It’s also wet-rated, so the body of the fan can be exposed to the weather. The fan comes in white and brushed nickel.

Three Posts Murray Hill Ceiling Fan 56-Inch

A wet-rated outdoor fan, such as this Wayfair model, is essential for keeping cool when the weather feels humid. Murray Hill Ceiling Fan can be placed outside, and it is resistant to the elements. This makes it a great choice for humid climates in the South. This is a great option for sloped ceilings of up to 35 inches.

This fan has three 56-inch long blades which offer effective air circulation. It can produce a maximum airflow of 5,306 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) and is perfect for cooling large rooms up to 18 by 20 feet. Metal blades, and not light plastic, are used to make the fan. This ensures that it will last many years.

You can control the four speeds using a wireless remote or wall switch. This fan is also a smart one that uses an app to control the speed and settings. You will need to purchase the Wi-Fi accessory control, which includes the remote, separately. This option does not have lights. The fan is available in four different finishes: matte white, matte black, metallic matte bronze, and brushed nickel.

Hunter Key Biscayne Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This fan has some of the strongest blades we’ve ever seen (it comes with five). This is a basic three-speed fan that measures 54 inches in diameter. It’s the perfect size for large gazebos or outdoor porches.

We found that the fan was indeed whisper-quiet, as advertised. The fan was so quiet that we didn’t hear any white noise while sleeping. We might have listened to some ‘whoosh’ at higher speeds, but it was very quiet.

The fan is rustic in design and includes an LED lantern that perfectly matches the rest of our furniture, which is mostly farmhouse style. The fan is priced just above $300, making it our most expensive choice. Keep an eye out for reduced prices, as you may be able to find the fan at a discounted price.

You can dim the lights and control their brightness, allowing you to create the perfect mood for your outdoor area. The blades of the fan can be reversed so that they push or pull warm, moist air. It doesn’t have a remote control, so to change settings, you will need to use the cords or switch.

According to the manufacturer, installation should take around an hour. It took us a little longer to install this fan than the other fans on our list. We also don’t recommend anyone install it by themselves because the motor is so heavy. At least two people are required to install the fan on the ceiling and wire it. The fan comes in two finishes: weather zinc and onyx.