The next minute, you’re wearing white skinny jeans that are so tight they cut off circulation. Then, baggy denim is all the rage. It would not look out of place in an Apple exhibit from the 1990s. Fashion, eh?

You can find the perfect fit for you in relaxed jeans. The jeans are loose enough to keep up with the latest trends but not too big so that your legs look like a missing limb. They’re also a lot more comfortable than the styles that used to squeeze your crotch.

Relaxed-fit jeans are a must-have in any collection. They should be on the wish list of every man’s wardrobe. I’ll help you discover the styles that will elevate your style to legendary status.

Best Overall: CLOSED SPRINDALE RELAXED JEANWhy is it great? The most comfortable, relaxed jeans are stylish and durable enough to last you for years to come. You shouldn’t find it difficult to understand why I chose the Springdale from Closed as my top pick.

How does it feel? Made of Italian open-weave denim. The versatile jeans have a soft yet firm structure. They flex when necessary for ease of mobility.

The jeans may be a bit stiff at first, but they are not a dealbreaker. Once you wear them, they’ll look great with anything from flannel shirts to zip-up hoodies.

Best on Amazon: WRANGLER Retro Relaxed Jeans

Why is it great? It turns out that you can find an impressive selection of relaxed jeans for men at Amazon. After resisting the temptation to add Japanese Denim or slick Selvedge Designs to my basket, I came across this popular pair of Wrangler jeans. The everyday option has over 4,000 5-star ratings and is popular for weekends or manual labor. You’ll wear them for years to come, as tough and beautiful as they are.

Feeling: Classic, durable denim is at its best. The denim is soft, and the spandex adds a touch of flexibility to make them comfortable all day.

A flaw but not a dealbreaker: While the bootcut hem isn’t for everyone, it’s ideal for those who want to wear a cowboy outfit. The timeless wash is versatile and can be worn with a variety of shirts, tees, and sweaters.

H&M RELAXED Jeans: Best Budget Buy

Why is it great? My research has revealed that there are many options available. These best relaxed-fit men’s jeans from H&M come in a wide range of washes, colors, and styles. You don’t have to pay astronomical prices for denim you love. I love the light blue pair, which goes with everything from graphic T-shirts and knitted sweaters.

Feeling: They are soft, non-stretchy, and surprisingly durable for their price. They don’t seem to be particularly expensive, but neither do they feel cheap.

There are flaws, but they’re not dealbreakers. This version is more tapered compared to other versions. If you want the ultimate in bagginess, you might look elsewhere.


Why is it great? Comfortable jeans are a better choice than slimmer jeans. Styles like Everlane are a great choice for everyday wear. They’re a smarter alternative to ripped style and will look great with anything from plain t-shirts to flannel shirts.

How does it feel? I was most impressed by the comments about the comfort, durability, and stretch. The denim is soft and smooth. It’s made in a factory that recycles 98% water, making it a stylish option.

Flaws, but not dealbreakers. Elastane is used in denim to stretch the jeans in areas that move the most. You can get the jeans back into shape with a quick wash but be prepared to see them loosen up over time.

Best Luxury: Paul Smith Vintage Stretch Jeans with Relaxed Strait

Why is it great? What makes a difference between regular, relaxed jeans and luxury jeans for men? You’re also getting the best fit, fabric, and detail. This pair by Paul Smith is a perfect example. These jeans have everything you could want in designer denim. You’ll see the luxurious finishing touches, such as the zebra embossed rivet detailing and the paper waistband patch with the label’s logo.

Feeling: Made of 11 1/4 oz organic denim, they have a touch of stretch to provide comfort. They come in a mid-wash that will only improve with age. The jeans are soft, but they still feel durable.

They’re not perfect, but they aren’t bad. The $195 price tag isn’t cheap, but it will be worth your money if you have the budget.


Why is it great? I understand what you are thinking. These pants aren’t the type of pants that you wear when remodeling your home, right? Sort of. Carpenter jeans are also one of the biggest denim trends this season. This affordable pair of Superdry jeans is my favorite. They’re a bit of an acquired taste, but they hit the sweet spot on the baggy scale. If you’re willing to leap, there are some awesome outfits available.

Feeling: Denim is soft, durable, and organic.

Carpenter Jeans are hot right now. However, fashions change quickly. You may want to consider another pair if you are looking for timeless style.


Why is it great? No matter if you like flannel-lined jeans, designer denim, or designer jeans, blue will always be the best (and most stylish) option. Levi’s, the uncrowned king in men’s denim, is the only brand that does it right. The Silvertab, a throwback to the baggy style of the 1990s, is Levi’s version of this relaxed trend. The overall silhouette is simple, but the hems are slightly tapered to show off your footwear. Sneakerheads will love this.

Feeling: You’ll know how it feels if you’ve ever owned Levi’s. It’s no different with this pair. These two are strong, soft, and ready to go.

There are flaws, but they’re not dealbreakers. Their only drawback is their versatility. The jeans are perfect for casual weekend wear but can feel too simple when dressed up.


Why is it great? The black jeans form an important part of a modern man’s wardrobe. I would recommend buying several pairs. You’ll want to start with a slimmer, smarter option for semi-formal events and a more relaxed fit like these Afends. They are an Australian brand with a focus on social and environmental impacts. They are committed to doing the right thing for the people and planet by delivering durable eco-apparel.

How the jeans feel: The Jeans Pablo are soft and comfortable (although a bit rigid) with a mid-rise waist. They’re suitable for both tall and short men.

Flaws, but not dealbreakers. I find these to be a little too straight, depending on my height and build. They could be described as a bit ‘ safe.’ You could try a different color if you want to make a statement.