The dining room is where your family gathers to share stories and a home-cooked meal.

The dining table is the focal point of any dining space.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing a new design for your dining table:

Does The Dining Table Design Match The Scale of the Room

A table with a size of 3 feet by 6 feet or 5 feet by 6 feet that seats six people is a great fit for a 10-foot by 10-foot dining area.

Consider a table placed against the wall of a smaller room. This way, you don’t need to leave any space on one side.

What shape should you choose for your dining table

A round or oval dining table is ideal for smaller rooms since there are no sharp corners that can cause you to bump into them. Round tables also look more informal, while rectangular tables have a more formal appearance.

What should the material of the dining tabletop be

The wood tabletops require a little more maintenance than a laminated tabletop but are also warmer.

Choose a glass-top table for a modern look, or choose a table with a marble or stone surface. Consider the upkeep and your decor when choosing a material.

What kind of dining chairs should you choose

You don’t need to sink into the depths of dining table chairs because you won’t be eating for long.

High-backed chairs can cramp a small space. Mixing seating options, such as a bench next to chairs, can add a modern touch.

Sit down at the table to check that the chairs you are considering are not too high or low. For optimal comfort, there should be between 10 and 12 inches of difference in height between the table and seat.

Dining Table Designs to Make Your Home More Beautiful

Are you ready to see some of the best modern dining table designs available? We’ve curated a selection of our favorite dining table designs for some inspiration on home decor!

Scandinavian MinimalismScandinavians are masters of minimalistic design. This simple wooden dining room table is a prime example.

This gorgeous table is made of beechwood and features white cylinder legs that are spread at the perfect angle. This table is ideal for a family breakfast in the sun, with low-backed bucket seats.

The Chairs in a Mish-Mash

Nobody ever said all chairs at a table had to match! This simple dining table looks fantastic with a charming collection of chairs in different colors.

The bright yellow chair is a nice pop of color in the black-and-white theme.

Add a Touch Of Elegance

The solid wood base of the table has a curvilinear shape and is elegant. The white chairs with high backs are a contrast to the strong lines of the table. This is a lovely dining room setting!

Modern and lightweight dining table design

This sleek table and lightweight chairs are perfect for modern furniture.

The shaggy rug complements the round table perfectly. Ideal for a cozy family meal of four!

Bold and Beautiful

This smart black table is perfect for those who want a design that will make a statement. The table and chairs are bold and distinguished and would look great in a penthouse with a lot of power.

Perfectly Matched

The table and chairs are perfectly matched. The tailored leather inserts at the back of the chair and on the side of the table give it a subtle elegance.

To create a classy dining room design, add leather furniture to the rest of your decor.

Cosy Rustic charm

The rounded legs on this table are a perfect match for the oak top. The mismatched chairs are a great addition to this charming table, and the green armoire behind it accentuates the color scheme.

Go Natural

This rectangular table is made from solid pine logs. The white-moulded chairs highlight the minimalistic design of this dining table made from wood and all-white. The pendant lights perfectly center the frame.

Simple Glass

Here’s an elegant dining table with a glass top for small spaces. A square glass table is paired with chairs with thin metal legs and a curvy design.

This table is compact enough to fit in even the smallest apartment. It can be placed against a wall on one end. The glass top makes the room feel light and airy.

A Dining Table that Extends

Expecting guests for dinner? This table seats six people but can easily be expanded to 8 in no time.

Contact our designers for creative solutions to your interior design challenges if you’re looking for smarter ways to decorate small spaces.

A Fancy Italian Marble Dining Table Design

This marble dining table is unlike any other you’ve seen.

The stunning veins of the marble countertop elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic to an entirely new level. Add luxurious fabric chairs to your design for a stylish dining room.

This design of marble table perfectly combines functionality and charm and is a great investment for your beautiful kitchen.

The Multi-Functional Folding Table Design

Foldable dining tables are a great piece of furniture for any home, but especially small dwellings.

These tables are versatile and can be expanded or collapsed as required. You might want to host a garden party for friends and family. Bring your folding dining table outdoors and extend it to its fullest capacity to accommodate your guests.

Modern Luxury Dining Table Designs

The last table on the list is a modern dining table with a sleek design that is superior to all other dining tables.

The three-seater has a beautiful round marble tabletop, which is supported by a metallic stand. The plush velvet cushions and elegant upholstery of the chairs add to the regal feel, while the exotic bird sculpture completes this subdued yet opulent setting.