Flowers are a romantic gesture and a good way to show that you care about your partner. What about flowers for a first date? Will bringing a bouquet on a first date make you seem more serious or too aggressive? Let’s discuss whether you should or shouldn’t give flowers on your first date, as well as what types of flowers are best to give.

Are Flowers Good Gifts for First Dates

As the answers to this question vary according to the individual, so do their characteristics and preferences. While some people would like to receive flowers for a first date while others might find it too much, the answer to this question is different.

Think about your date before you buy flowers. Use this information if you know the person as a close friend or shared acquaintance to decide if they will appreciate flowers for your first date.

Flowers may be a little too much on a first meeting if you don’t really know the person. It’s especially important if you are meeting in a casual place like a brewery or bowling alley. If you are walking through a park or attending an event, the date will need to carry flowers all night.

A good rule to follow if you are still unsure is to be conservative. A dozen roses might seem like a lot and make your date run, but a single sunflower or peony is likely to be seen more as a thoughtful gesture.

You can always choose to send flowers after you have gotten to know one another better.

When Should I Give Flowers to a First Date

It’s a great way to show that you care about your date and want to make an effort to build a relationship. It shows you’ve thought ahead and are willing to make an extra effort.

Flowers can also be considered a more traditional gift. You may find that your date will appreciate flowers if you know they are into romance and traditional values.

If you bring flowers on your first date, plan the exchange so that the recipient doesn’t need to carry the flowers around. Give the flowers when you pick up your date at their home. If you are meeting your date outside, choose a smaller, more sturdy bouquet. It will be easier to carry, and it will withstand the activities.


It would be best if you were careful giving roses to a date, as they are a symbol of romance. Red Roses may be the most romantic, but your date is likely to view all types of roses as romantic.

Save roses only for unique first dates. You may finally be meeting up with your date after months of talking on the phone and online. Perhaps you are meeting someone with whom you used to be very close.

A single rose can express love at first glance, so this is a great option if your date catches your eye immediately.


Bring a sunflower on your first date to show that you are light, sweet, and full of energy. These flowers will almost certainly make your date smile.

These flowers, while they may appear playful, have a deeper meaning of loyalty and adoration. You can discuss this symbolism with your date, depending on the outcome of the date.

Sunflowers have large amounts of pollen, so they are unlikely to cause allergies.


Peonies have a lot of elegant and delicate ruffles. They are a great choice for your first date. They are not only beautiful but also have a floral, sweet scent.

The color of the peony can represent a variety of things. Yellow peonies represent a new beginning, while pink blooms are associated with happiness.

Peonies are delicate, and their petals should be just beginning to open. You may want to avoid giving your date a fully bloomed flower, as it will leave a trail.


Do you want to convey that you are interested in getting to know your date on a deeper level? You could try the ranunculus.

One look at the delicate flowers on long stems will show you why they are so symbolic. Pink is associated with a lighter love, and red, of course, will convey a message of passion. Orange or yellow will brighten up your date’s mood.


A high-quality Carnation is a wonderful gift for your first date. Just make sure you pick the right color.

The exact meaning of each shade of red depends on its hue. Darker red blooms signify romance, while lighter red blossoms represent friendship. Avoid yellow and purple carnations as they have negative meanings.


A single stem of dahlias is a great choice for your first date because they are large flowers. You won’t need to bring a bouquet with you, but the gorgeous flower will show your date that you put some effort in.

Dahlias are available in many different colors and forms. You’ll find a lot of choices. Choose a large dinner plate of dahlia to make an impact. If you want something more subdued, then cute pompon dahlias are the way to go.

Avoid dark maroon or black dahlias when it comes to colors. They could turn off your date even before you begin your time together.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are simple yet beautiful flowers that can show your date you care about them without overwhelming them. Yellow gerberas are a symbol of friendship and happiness. They could make a great gift for someone who you are just getting to meet. If you’re looking to send a more powerful message of love, then red is your best option.


Chrysanthemums are also called mums. They often appear on porches and front doors in the fall. They also make excellent cut flowers and are a good option for a first date.

The flowers are a symbol of joy, happiness, and love. Pink mums, while any color is attractive, are associated with gentle love. They’re a great choice for your first date.

Mums can also last a few days without water. They are a great option if you do not want to bring along a vase.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are a symbol of new beginnings. They could be a great gift for your first date.

Purple Callas are associated with enchantment. They could be an excellent choice, as long as your date is not afraid of them. Pink Lilies can be used to show appreciation.