Some of us like to break the rules, subverting them at every turn. This is because we do not like being put into boxes. Some of us are mavericks, shunning the regulations and a href=””>subverting expectations at every turn/a> simply because we don’t like to be put in boxes. Even more people are in the middle. They crave order and uniformity so they can find their boundaries. But then, when they want to be free, we forget those rules. All of these are available in men’s fashion. Some rules can be broken, while others must be followed.

These tips can help you find your style and your archetype and navigate the men’s clothing landscape without losing your head. You will be able to break the rules and become a maverick in your class once you have learned these tips.

Emulate, don’t impersonate

All of us have men who inspire our style. Some of the most stylish celebrities, such as David Beckham or Ryan Reynolds, can influence the direction of menswear fashion. We can be tempted to imitate stars instead of following their lead when we get inspired by them.

This is because what worked for David Beckham may not work for you. This will not only cause frustration when you try to wear something that looks great in a magazine but doesn’t look good in the mirror. These people also have stylists to help them achieve this. If you want to look like Beckham, then find the best denim brand that fits your budget and the perfect T-shirt for your lifestyle.

Invest in quality

You can spend less on something you will use for a while or more on something you will use for many years. It may seem cheaper to buy cheap clothes and save money for other things, but you will end up spending more over time because they break down.

Spending more upfront will allow you to select garments that last. Choose a garment that you will wear for many years. You can look at the cost of each wear. You may need to replace a suit sooner if you purchase a cheap case that costs a few hundred bucks. A high-quality suit that you can wear ten times as long is more expensive per wear.

Fit over Fashion

All of us want to look good. Retail stores and the fashion industry have trained us to believe that the only way to look good is to wear the latest trends. Truthfully, if the garment doesn’t fit properly, it will not matter. The fit of your garment is more important than its latest fashion. Even if you have the latest styles, if your clothes don’t fit properly, they will make you look old.

Be friendly with your tailor

The right tailor is the most important person for your wardrobe. Most people believe that a tailor can only be used to make suits. However, they are able to work on almost any item in your wardrobe. A good tailor can work wonders on jeans and T-shirts.

Finding the right tailor is all about finding someone who understands your body and knows how to make the most of your clothing. Unfortunately, this means some trial and error. Once you find the right person to alter your clothes, you will be surprised at how often you do it.

English for quality, Italian for flare

Although English shoemakers and tailors aren’t alone in their quality, they’ve been leading the pack for decades. Many great brands have been around for more than 150 years. These include Foster & Son and George Cleverley. The menswear industry also seems to have started in London’s Saville Row, where many of the best tailors are still located today.

Italy, a little to the east, is home to brands such as Giorgio Armani or Dolce & Gabbana. The suits are so striking that they command attention from the moment you enter a room until you leave. Although English suits and Italian shoes have their unique style, both are of high quality. However, in the menswear world, an old saying goes that if you’re looking for something that lasts a decade, then go English. If you want to be remembered forever, choose Italian.

The devil lies in the details

The best outfits are not just a shirt and pants. They also include accessories to enhance the look. The right addition, whether it’s a necklace or bracelet, hat or pocket silk in the breast pocket on your suit, can transform your appearance and add the finishing touch to an otherwise boring outfit.

Subtlety is the key to accessorizing. You will look garish if you stack up bracelets or rings. You can have too much good stuff.

Build with staples and start with the basics

When you think of one of the most admired style icons in menswear history, Mr. James Bond wore very few flashy clothes. He dressed in a lot of basic items, but always in a luxurious way.

Invest in high-quality basics that you can layer and wear more often. You’ll be wearing denim or chinos in simple, solid colors the most. After you’ve purchased your staples, add brighter colors and patterns to your wardrobe.

Learn your colors

You will find some colors you can’t wear. Even if you like yellow, pale men will look washed out if they wear it. You can find out the colors that suit your skin tone by doing a color analysis. This involves assessing your skin tone in relation to the colors. You will find it much easier to shop in the future once you have identified which colors you are comfortable with and which you should avoid.

Note: It doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot wear yellow if it is your favorite color but you find it too bright. You may have to try harder to wear it. A different color. It’s a subtle pop color. It may take some experimentation with the more vibrant colors.

Complement and don’t match

When men choose accessories to complement their outfits, they often try to match them instead of completing them. Reaching a pocket-silk with a shirt, tie, or suit can make your ensemble look like something out of a Kohl’s box. If you know your color wheel from 9th-grade art, it will help to upgrade any outfit.

Consider wearing pants or jackets to complement your shirts in a casual ensemble. You don’t want to look like a 1993 tracksuit. To make your look stand out, try lighter or darker shades or complementary colors.

Dress code and weather dictate that you should layer

You will be grateful for the skill of layering. Layering clothes that are easily removed in case of the unpredictability of the weather or dress code will save you a lot of time. You can do this in many different ways.

Your best friend when it comes to layering is the sweater. You can go casual or formal, depending on your needs, by wearing a sweater under a suit jacket but over a shirt. You can remove the sweater if you want to look more traditional. You can wear just the dress shirt and sweater if it’s casual.