If you ask any gym enthusiast, whether they are style-conscious or not, the most important investment they made for their fitness, they will always say it was their gym clothing. While Nike and Adidas may be the most well-known brands for outfits that you can wear to work out, many other brands are aiming to optimize every aspect of your wardrobe, from your trainers to running shorts.

Combining the science and engineering behind sportswear and the athleisure trend in fashion, you can create clothes that look good and work hard. Brands like Lululemon and CDLP are great for anyone who cares about their appearance in the gym. Nation and Gymshark place looks above all else, just below the ability of an item of clothing to wick sweat and allow for movement. You can choose from a variety of clothing that will help you perform and look your best.

Come on, everyone: athletes, amateurs, wallflowers, and aesthetes. You will find below our top picks of the latest gym clothing.

The top

When it comes to gym tops, sweat-wicking is key. You’ll need a shelter to dry quickly and mop up sweat from your back, underarms, and kettlebell if you are working out hard at the gym.

Different sports brands have their trademarked technologies for this. Nike’s Dri-Fit is the most famous, as it uses a polyester fabric that has a high-performance microfibre structure to support the body’s natural cooling system. It disperses sweat evenly across the garment’s surface to accelerate evaporation. Lululemon Metal Vent Tech, on the other hand, has smart sweat-and-odor-resistant features that are knitted into the fabric where they’re needed most, thanks to its seamless design.

The bottoms

What is the difference between training shorts? The training shorts are usually a bit longer and fall just above the ankle. They’re designed to restrict your leg movement during an exercise. These shorts are also more practical for the gym, as they have pockets. Running shorts don’t usually come with pockets. If you find a running short that is suitable for the gym, then your chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato meal will be a winner. Running shorts allow for maximum freedom of movement and are, therefore, ideal for cardio workouts.

The base layers

Men’s tights are only meant to be worn under a pair of shorts, no matter how great you think they look. No one in the gym wants to see your bare thigh when you do a hip thrust. It’s worth adding a base layer to your gym kit.

Base layers are great for keeping you warm while training outdoors. They also absorb sweat to enhance comfort. Base layers are also supportive, and their tight fit reduces the risk of injury. Some fitness experts recommend base layers to activate muscles better. These base layers are also stylish, highlighting the hard-working muscles of the body, such as the calves and shoulders.

Different materials: pros & cons

The majority of gym clothes are made of a combination, which combines the pros of each material to achieve the best results. It would be best if you considered the pros and cons of each material to understand better what you can expect.

Merino wool


Less durable than some synthetic materials



Prone to shrinkage

The use of Polyester


Not very sustainable



Not breathable

What is the name of gym clothing

You’ll be on the right path if you look for sportswear, activewear, or gym clothes. You can’t go wrong if you stick to brands such as Gym Shark, which specializes in sportswear. If you want to try other brands, however, stick to tracksuit bottoms or shorts. If you are about to do an overhead press while wearing a dress shirt with chinos, then something is wrong.

What should men wear to the gym when they work out

From head to toe, you’ll need to consider everything that you wear. It would be best if you also considered wearing loose clothing, comfortable socks, and tops and bottoms with compression. What you wear to the gym depends on your activity.

How do I choose a gym outfit

What you intend to do once you enter the gym will determine what outfit you choose. Running exclusively on the treadmill? You’ll need some good running shoes, light running shorts, and a top that wicks away moisture to keep cool. If you plan to spend most of your time in the gym, you will need stable shoes that have a flat bottom, loose-fitting trackies, and shirts, as well as a comfortable, full range-of-motion top. Our list includes a mix of all these items and more, so choose what’s best for you.