From blue denim and dress pants to 4-way stretch chinos that you can wear on the run, men’s pants have come a long way.

Today’s casual pants and Work Pants are made from materials such as recycled polyester, nylon, cotton, and elastane.

Contemporary pants move and breathe like yoga pants. Why would you wear a leather belt with them, then? This would defeat the purpose of free-flowing, wouldn’t it?

Casual belts are easier to bend and add a stylish accent to denim, cotton, chinos, and other pants.

When to wear them

Casual belts are best worn when you don’t want to tuck your shirt into the waistband. Casual belts are more about comfort and functionality than style. There are plenty of casual belts with a tapered-down look that makes a stylish statement.

The casual belts at Klik Belts in Austin, Texas, are my top choice. They are producing the strongest tactical buckles in the entire world. The clips are made of 7075 aluminum alloy COBRA (r) and nylon.

The sound that comes from clicking the buckles together is my favorite thing about this belt. It’s not only convenient to open and close the hook when you take a bathroom break, but it also gives you that locked-in feeling as you prepare for your next mission. Even if the task is to grab a cup of coffee at the nearby shop, it feels cooPolice and military personnel have worn some of Klik’s thicker 2-ply Beltsnel. They are also favorites of the Las Vegas Swat Team. You’ll find the same quality in their casual belts, but they’re more suited to streetwear. This is the only belt that I have found so far that fits the high-tech stretchy trousers on the street today.

Wear the same pants, belt, and shoes to work, lunch, or slacklining in the park with some acrobats on your way home. You deserve to be versatile.

Braided Belts

The braided belts are also the “casual belts,” but they have a unique look and texture. Brands may use nylon, rayon, waxed cotton, or another material to make non-leather belts. These materials will give your belt a sporty look that will improve performance during light activities.

The leather accents on these belts are usually different from the main pattern. This gives them a two-tone look.

The braided belt offers flexibility, stretch, and a different aesthetic to other straps.

When to wear them

The best non-leather belts for sports that involve a little movement are golf, fishing, or sailing. This hybrid belt is both attractive and flexible. These belts are often paired with lighter colors such as salmon, lavender, and cool blues.

I would recommend The Woven collection from Hyde Belt Co if you want a stylish non-leather woven belt. These belts were handcrafted by artisans in New York City using braid-woven rayon. This is a statement belt that will not feel stiff when you bend over to catch the monster fish.

Leather Belts

I reserved a place for the most traditional belt in the game: the plain, smooth leather belt. Black or brown leather has become a material that is so familiar to the world that it’s a symbol of elegance and simplicity.

There’s synthetic leather, bonded, top-grain, and full-grain leather. These variations determine the texture and aesthetic.

When to wear them

Smooth leather belts are as versatile as a pair of jeans. They can be worn with any outfit. You can also wear them with your shirt untucked. Choose a belt in a dark brown or black color to tie together your shirt and pants if you are already wearing brighter colors.

If you are wearing basic colors, choose a wheat-colored, beige-colored, or light-tan belt. The rich brown leather I like best goes with almost all of my pants, except black, in shades such as blues, greens, and tans.

For the same reason that light brown shoes do not go well with black dress pants, avoid pairing black pants and a brown buckle.

Dress Belts

Dress belts tend to be made from full-grain, high-quality leather. These belts are smoother, sturdier, and more durable than normal leather ones.

Dress belts should be flat against your soft pants and hold your shirt in position. They should also match the color scheme of whatever you are wearing. Dress belts often have small stitching on the edges. Dress belts are all about less. Dress belts can be made from a single color of leather that is beautifully cut.

Leather Braided Belts

Are we now getting into niche categories, or are we? Many men will say that leather braided straps are an outdated fashion. But I don’t think that they should die out with the generation of your grandfather.

Braided leather can be added to modern clothing and give it a more sophisticated look. You can usually insert the prologue into the tongue of the braided belt.

This allows for smooth adjustments without the need to rely on holes that are spaced apart.

When to wear them

Before, leather braided belts were referred to as a preppy accessory. I’m afraid I have to disagree. It all depends on the outfit you choose. Wear a braided leather belt with a loose-fitting shirt and linen pants for a summer barbecue or a day at the park.

You can also add a braided leather belt to a pair of chinos by tucking in a button of a lighter color. The texture of the belt should add softness to the look and not take over. This will be your deciding factor.

D-Ring Belts

D ring belts are also in the “casual” category, but this buckle is so different that I decided to give it its section. D-ring belts usually are made of canvas or other lightweight materials.

D-ring buckles are usually thinner than traditional buckles. The belt tongue is slid through two D-shaped metal rings. You slide the language of the belt through the two rings and then pull them apart. Then you slip the tongue again through and tighten. Does that make any sense? No? Here’s an example.