Many guys are afraid to approach attractive women because they don’t understand how to talk to a woman that they have never met. Guys who learn the basics of how to approach women no longer face this problem and can easily become women anywhere they go. Read on if you want to know the basics and how to come girls you have never met.

Use eye contact to approach a woman

It’s always easier to approach a woman that you’ve never met if you receive an invitation. You can get an invitation by making eye contact.

Make eye contact with a girl who you find attractive. Hold her gaze if she looks up at you and smiles. You will make a great first impression by showing her that you are a friendly, confident guy.

If she maintains eye contact with you (or looks at you, then away), she is inviting you to come closer. This is the most obvious sign of interest. Don’t be concerned if she does not hold your gaze or doesn’t make eye contact with you. You can still do a lot to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t even know.

How to approach a woman

The right body language is the key to a successful approach. As you approach a girl, smile, hold your shoulders back, and keep your back straight. This will immediately show a woman that you are a confident and friendly man. She will be more open and receptive to a conversation as a result.

It would be best if you walked up to the woman you are interested in immediately. Many guys do not. They get nervous about approaching women and wait for the “right moment,” which never happens. If you are anxious about becoming a woman and waiting for the “right moment,” it will only make your anxiety worse. You don’t want to be the guy that hesitates or, worse still, the guy that hovers around the girl. Girls will notice this, and they’ll be turned off.

You should instead follow the “two-second” rule and approach her within two seconds of seeing her. You will look more confident if you know a girl immediately without thinking.

How do you approach a woman on the street

You don’t have to limit your approach to bars and clubs. Women can be approached anywhere. You can approach women anywhere.

Stopping a woman on the street will look very different from walking up to her in a bar. You can start a street conversation by doing the following:

It would be best if you were about 6-10 feet away from her. You won’t scare her, and you can stop her momentum.

Face her directly and look her in the eyes. It would be best if you made it clear that you are looking at her.

Raise your arm about a foot in front (around the height of your stomach button). This barrier can help to ease tension.

Start the conversation by saying “Excuse Me” to her.

Stopping a girl in the street to chat is the same as stopping someone for directions if you are lost. You’re not looking for suggestions; you want to speak with a girl.

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What should you say to a new woman

Keep things light and positive. You can do this in many ways. You can start by engaging in some playful banter. (For a detailed explanation of how to master banter, check out the Pickup Podcast as well as articles HERE and HERE.

You can say anything you want if you’re not comfortable with bantering right away. You can easily start a conversation by complimenting a woman or saying, “Hello, I am.”

Many men think that they have to impress a woman with an incredible opening line. They don’t. They would be shocked at the impact that this level of authenticity could have.

Win a girl’s heart with your attitude

What you say to a woman doesn’t really matter. You can be sure that after speaking to a girl you’ve just met, she will forget the majority of what you say within a few minutes (or even hours). She will never forget the way you made her feel. It’s not the words that you say but your attitude.

The attitude of a guy can be a major stumbling block. Many guys interact with girls in a way that says, “I hope she likes me.” Guys seeking approval and relying on the outcome come across as lacking in confidence. This attitude can make a girl feel uncomfortable. You want to maintain a positive, warm vibe throughout the conversation. You want to be positive and say things like “I’m awesome… you’re awesome… Everything’s awesome” when you meet a girl.

A fun and carefree attitude will make her feel the same way. You can make a girl feel great when she talks to you. She will want to see you more often.