Worried about how to wear a blazer or what to wear under a blazer? Read the article to understand the right way to wear a blazer, along with certain things to keep in mind while styling a blazer.

Blazers have a deep and rich history. These smart clothing options have risen amongst fashionistas and affluent people from the 1800s and have been rocking the shelves, wardrobes, and runaways alike ever since. Blazer outfits are great for creating a ‘brilliant salesman look,’ ‘the perfect son look,’ ‘the ideal employee look,’ or even a simple ‘casual blazer look.’ Though they are widely available and easy to wear, a lot of people have a question in their minds. ‘Exactly how to wear blazer?’

How to Wear a Blazer

Blazers are cool, and they offer a simple and cost-effective alternative to formal three-piece suits. They are versatile and can go with any full or ankle-length pants and a solid-color shirt or tee shirt. If you find yourself pondering over ‘how to wear a blazer,’ a simple black blazer with a T-shirt will be a great way to go. A solid, light-colored tee shirt will pair beautifully with a blazer and will give you a smart, ‘fresh out of college’ casual blazer look.

To answer questions like ‘How to wear a blazer,’ ‘How to wear a blazer casually,’ ‘How to style a blazer,’ ‘What to wear under a blazer,’ and ‘What to wear with a blazer,’ let us look at some blazer styling tips and find out how to wear a blazer.

How to Style Blazer

If you are worried about ‘what to wear under a blazer’ or ‘how to wear a blazer casually,’ or even ‘what to wear with a blazer,’ there are a few simple things to keep in mind. Although the use of blazers has increased worldwide, there are some things to be mindful about. Following are the five rules of wearing a blazer that will help you tremendously in creating that perfect ‘instagramable’ casual blazer look.

Don’t Make It Part of Your SuitIt is imperative to understand that while you can create both formal and informal looks with men’s casual blazer styles, the blazer itself cannot become a part of your daily suit set. Standard three-piece or five-piece suit sets are considered to be traditional and tailored. It is a different wardrobe category altogether. Good casual blazer outfits will give you a tremendously versatile look both in the workspace as well as in the outings. However, they cannot replace your daily office suit. Doing so will result in the compromise of the entire look, as the jacket, pants, vest coat, tie, and other peripherals have to be a perfect match for a formal suit to work out really well. If they are mismatched with each other, the entire get-up looks mismatched and weird. You can choose to select a black blazer with a t-shirt for casual Fridays or outings in the city, but it cannot be an alternative to the daily suit and tie.

Your Blazer Should Be Shorter On the Body

When you are looking for an answer to the question, ‘How to wear a blazer casually? It is essential to remember that it should always be shorter than the length of your average coat or jacket. While blazers are meant to be just a little longer than your shirt, they always pair best with jeans or casual pants or trousers if the blazer is a little shorter. The length of the jacket distinguishes it from the formal, and it accentuates your upper body frame to match perfectly with the jeans. If you are wondering ‘how to wear a blazer,’ a simple thing to do would be to pick out a blazer that sits comfortably with you, and you can move around easily with the same amount of comfort that is expected out of a casual blazer look.

Your Blazer Fit Should Accommodate Additional Layers

There are multiple points to consider while choosing casual blazer outfits for men. One important thing to remember, along with style, is comfort and applicability. A blazer is usually designed to accommodate at least three layers of clothing. They are a great option in any weather. If you are wondering ‘how to style a blazer,’ remember that with the additional layers, your look should get even cooler. While 100% cotton and breathable material are beneficial in summer, the same can be incorporated in winter with additional layers like sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, or full-sleeve tee shirts. While selecting men’s casual blazer styles, be sure to choose a blazer that fits you well but is also roomier enough to accommodate extra layers if and when needed.

Employ Different Colors, Fabrics & Patterns

If we talk about style and options, there is a lot to consider while creating a casual blazer look. There are thousands of varieties of blazers available, and they all are fit for different occasions. To start an effortless and drop-dead stunning blazer outfit, you can select from a wide variety of blazers differing in colors, fabrics, patterns, and fits. Look at this beautiful Trucker jacket blazer in Green. Not only is it made from 100% cotton to ensure a soft and comfortable texture, but its look and color can match easily with your printed or solid dark (black/ brown/ navy) tee shirts like this Dry crew neck short sleeve color tee shirt with your regular-use navy blue denim-like these Extra stretch skinny fit jeans or these EZY ankle length cotton pants.

Have More Than One in the Wardrobe

When we talk about men’s casual blazer styles, it is important to understand that one is not enough. Although a great black blazer like this Milano Ribbed Jacket will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe, owning a couple more blazers in your closet will help you break the monotony usually associated with office clothes. Blazers like this Comfort Jacket or this Washed Jersey Work jacket will be pivotal in creating your unique and best visual for a casual blazer look.

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

Blazers are extremely versatile pieces of clothing, and they make it easy to create both formal and informal looks with them. For creating chic casual blazer outfits for men, you can consider pairing them with casual shirts or tee shirts. Casual shirts like this Flannel long-sleeve shirt will be a hit at the office as well with friends. For a black blazer with a t-shirt look, solid-colored tee shirts like this Waffle crew neck long-sleeve t-shirt will be great for Friday evenings with friends.