You know you have to make a move in your life.

It is obvious.

How can you move on if you’re feeling emotionally destroyed?

How can you “meet people” if you don’t even have the motivation to do so?

This guide will cover exactly that.

You’re going to hear what I did to get over the girl who I thought was my best friend.

Let’s start. We have much to cover

It will not be an easy or quick processIt’s a pity. I get it. You want to get through this pain as soon as possible.

You can’t “want” the pain to disappear. It will stay with you longer. It’s important to recognize how you feel in order to get rid of feelings.

You also have to accept that you will need time to transition fully.

According to research published by the Journal of Positive Psychology, it takes 11 weeks to feel better when a relationship ends.

According to another study, it takes 19 months for a person to recover from the breakup of a relationship.

It is a fact that:

Heartbreak can be a painful process. You won’t get over someone in a single day. It’s going to take some time.

It took me at least three months. If I knew then what I know now, I am sure I could have done it faster.

What’s the good news

Many people have experienced the pain of a broken relationship and moved on successfully to become stronger, better human beings. I can attest to that.

Every human being experiences these emotions at some point in their lives.

Here’s what to remember

You will be told by your friends to get drunk and go out to meet new people.

You can save the advice for later, but it’s not right now.

It will take time. You will need time. You must first process your emotions, which brings us to the next point.

Feeling down and hurt is okay

When you lose a relationship so important to your life, it’s normal to be sad.

In an effort to avoid these feelings, it’s natural to try to hide them.

Acceptance is the only way to move forward in your life.

This is the thing that really held me back. I’ve always had a hard time dealing with negative emotions.

It’s helpful to ignore them in some situations, but not for something so big as a divorce.

Breakups are often very confusing.

It is especially true if your relationship has been incorporated into your self-concept as if it were a pair.

Who are you after the half of you has gone?

I felt like I had lost myself, and I would struggle to find someone as good again. I was down on myself, and I didn’t know what to do.

For five years, my life revolved around her. When she left, it was almost soul-crushing.

Accepting that is the first step. Only by taking the fact that you have lost a piece of yourself can you rebuild yourself.

While it may be painful to accept that a part of yourself is gone, when you do, you will find a new meaning in life, which will help you to rebuild a better version of yourself.

Get her back

Let’s get straight to the point.

Why not just get your girl back instead of going through the pain of getting her over?

It may seem impossible, but couples reunite all the time. Their relationship can be better the second or third time.

You should consider going back to your ex if you still feel strongly about them.

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Brad says that 90% of relationships can be saved. While that number may seem high, I think Brad is right on target.

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Get rid of negative emotions

It’s a difficult one, but it is essential.

Men (assuming that you are a man who is reading this article) tend to deny their emotions.

When you experience a significant event like a breakup, negative emotions can fester and cause a bad outcome.

It’s important to take the time to face our thoughts and feelings in order to get them out of the system.

If you are like me, then you try to hide your feelings, but you know that you’re hurting.

It wasn’t until after I had accepted how I felt that I started the process of moving forward.

According to research, ignoring emotions can cause more long-term pain than acknowledging them.

Emotional strain has been associated with mental illness, heart disease, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions.

I was definitely more stressed than normal, and I barely slept. My body was like a pressure cooker that was about to explode.