Good health is a key ingredient to a happy and fulfilled life. It can only be achieved by living in a healthy environment. Most Indian homes and offices have experienced seepage/leakage/dampness at one time or another. This can lead to fungal or bacterial growth, which could, in turn, cause allergies or other health-related problems for residents.

Water damage can cause significant damage to your home, office, school, or retail store. It is important to ensure that your home is dry and free of any potential leakage or dampness.

Common mistakes in dealing with Seepage/Leakage issues

Most of us usually approach waterproofing, paint companies, or related vendors (plumbing/civil) to fix seepage/damp/moisture problems. The problem of seepage, paint peeling off, dampness or wall cracking can usually be fixed by waterproofing or painting vendors. This is a common mistake that can be made to fix this problem. It will temporarily solve the problem, but the problem will return within a few days.

The root cause of seepage, or any related problem, has not been addressed. To solve seepage/leakage problems, the first step is to identify the source. Thermal imaging technology and tools can be used to locate the source of the seepage problem without damaging the property. This can help you avoid the problems resulting from Invisible Silent Killer.

How home inspection can help waterproofing and other related vendors?

Waterproofing companies often face recurring problems after treating damp/seepage/leakage-affected areas. 

Home Inspection Determines the source of moisture: Waterproofing and other vendors typically consider several reasons for dampness or seepage in affected areas of a home or property. They may look at other factors such as tile grouting or waterproofing in the event of seepage from the wall adjacent to the bathroom. Other factors, such as leakage in a concealed pipeline, damaged AC drainage pipe, or improper pipe outlet termination, can be overlooked. This could cause ceiling damage below the storey.

Reduces treatment costs: Home inspection in New York City experts identify problem areas and determine the source of seepage/leakage. They then provide a long-term solution. This helps to reduce the cost of treatment.

Offers third-party assurance: In certain cases, the client may need to be sure about treatment by waterproofing contractors or other vendors. Home inspection professionals can provide this assurance. Clients of waterproofing companies welcome third-party assurance. This increases the credibility of waterproofing businesses.

Works below ground level: Home inspectors are a great resource for determining the scope of work and the criticality of the affected areas. These types of areas can be quite large, so it is important for waterproofing companies that they understand the exact area and the source of the problem.

Avoid future costs and problems: A professional home inspection can help to identify potential problems in your home and save you money. Home / Property inspectors will inspect all areas in order to locate hidden problems (alongside their cause), which can eliminate future headaches for clients. Here are some examples of seepage, according to professionals in home inspection. This can be caused by faulty internal plumbing, which is mostly hidden:

  1. Leaky plumbing pipes or fittings in your home
  2. Water supply pipes outflow
  3. Leakage in the property’s plumbing system (e.g., leakage from the Bathroom or Kitchen above.
  4. Exterior walls that aren’t properly plastered or made with poor quality plastering materials can cause water dampness and seepage. It can also occur through exterior walls due to cracks or gaps in the walls.
  5. Water seepage through floor tiles in bathrooms/kitchens on the floor/flat/terrace above
  6. Poor waterproofing during construction
  7. Other causes include AC condensation, damaged AC drain pipes, improperly terminated drain pipes in the outlet, and so on.

Safety & Health Factors: Home Inspection is a professional third-party service that’s provided by home inspectors with certification. They assess the condition of each home’s individual components. The home inspector also looks for unsafe areas in the house. A home inspector will pay attention to safety during an inspection. Safety is the priority of today.