Ever thought as to why you should give your old garage door its leave and replace it with a new one instead? We know your old garage door has been serving you since decades and you don’t feel like giving up on it easily. Even repairing the same is an option that is something you should definitely try before making the decision of replacing it entirely! But are you sure it would work for a decade more if you did so?

Replace Garage Door

Your garage door is of prime importance in safeguarding your cars and other accessories you keep in your garage. If your garage door gets compromised, the safety of the entire house gets compromised. And if you are investing it repairing or replacing this garage door in Perth by Doic garage doors, you are actually making a wise decision. They’ll install an upgraded version, latest technology embedded, best quality garage door that would serve you greatly for many years! They even cater to repairing your garage doors when required.

New Garage Door

The garage (and consequently its door) is used for a variety of reasons in the house other than just keeping the car locked away. So, when it requires a replacement, you shouldn’t be delaying that at all. Below are some situations that require a new garage door to be installed immediately:

  • It’s been attacked — This doesn’t mean only a theft attack, but also weather attack! If you find that your garage door has been broken down or damaged due to a recent theft attack, be alert immediately and get it replaced instantly. You can opt for a more secure, technically and technologically upgraded garage doors from the latest varieties available, which are tough to break or invade. Or if there has been a natural calamity — a flood or an earthquake or a strong hurricane attack — and that seriously damaged your garage door, make sure you are replacing it with the one that’s tough on weather conditions.
  • It’s been too aged — If your home is pretty old and your garage door has been standing there since forever, understands that it’s time you took it down and got a new one instead. This decade-old garage door may have worn down with age, and can easily be prone to theft attacks. Therefore, you need to install a new one in this situation.
  • It shows signs or rusting and damage — With years or due to extreme humidity in the air, the garage door wears down with time. Even if it’s just a few years old, but you can see visible signs of it giving away — like rusted ends, broken edges, etc., get it replaced with a better quality, new garage door.
  • It no longer works — If the garage door doesn’t open or close on its own or even by manual efforts for that matter, you’ll have to opt for a good, working garage door. Since the older door doesn’t serve any purpose, it’s best to be taken down and trashed.
  • It’s too loose and faulty in working— The garage door often loses its original rigidity and flexibility if isn’t maintained and used properly. This door then wouldn’t follow your commands properly, and would be too loose. In this situation there is a threat that it may come upon you at any time. This is quite a dangerous situation and should be avoided by replacing your garage door immediately.
  • Doesn’t look good in your property — It isn’t a secret that a garage door is a part of your home exterior. The beauty or ugliness of it enhances or destroys the curb appeal of your home. If your garage door is too unkempt or deteriorated and doesn’t at all matches your beautiful exterior, and can scare away your potential customers, or makes your guests pucker eyebrows, opt for replacing it with a new, shinier garage door! This would not only work well for your purpose, but would even increase your property’s value.
  • There are unwanted invasions to your garage — If you catch pests, mice  and insects roaming freely in your garage even though it is properly shut on all sides, then the culprit is your garage door! There can be holes or ways through which these animals can enter your garage and damage your stuff in it. Also, if you find a lot of debris, leaves and other garbage in it getting blown through wind inside even though the door is closed (and there’s no other space for them to enter), the issues may be the same. You’ll be having holes or way in the door to allow the entrance of these objects. Check for the issue and go for getting it replaced immediately.

A garage door is a must for better security of your car and other essentials in the garage. But if the door isn’t providing security, then it’s just a piece of metal — which is of no use to you! Replacing it is the wisest thing to do under such circumstances!