Before you flip the switch and snuggle in front of the fireplace reading a book, You must take care of the installation of your gas fireplace. From design to ventilation, here’s what you should be aware of.

The addition of a gas fireplace to your home is an excellent method to increase the value of your home and enjoy. Although a lot of the gas fireplace’s installation is possible to do by yourself, like choosing the design and setting, we suggest hiring a professional to install the fireplace because there are risks associated with wiring and venting that is not properly done.

Before Installing a Gas Fireplace, Consider These 6 Things

As the majority of people don’t know the fundamentals of how to put in gas fireplaces, you should consult with a professional who installs gas fireplaces before you make any purchase. They will be able to tell you what walls are suitable according to the venting, framing, and wiring for a gas fireplace. When you’ve received the go-ahead, then it’s time to look around to find the ideal fireplace for your area. When you are looking, take these things into your head.

  • Where to Put a Gas Fireplace
  • Style of the Gas Fireplace Matching the Rest of the Space
  • Type of Gas Fireplace Venting
  • Convenience of Use
  • Cost of a Gas Fireplace and Installation
  • Who Should Install A Gas Fireplace

Where to Put a Gas Fireplace

If you’re not replacing a gas fireplace or another fireplace, choosing where to place the gas fireplace may be the most difficult aspect of the procedure. Make a list of the best way to install the fireplace, and then consider the place you’d want to be most likely to use it. Most likely, that’s your living space or the patio, which is why those locations can provide you with the highest returns on investment.

Style of the Gas Fireplace Matching the Rest of the Space

Like framing pictures, it is important to understand how to frame your gas fireplace to complement the interior of your house. We offers a variety of styles, including copper patina and matte black frames. Also, think about the type of media you’d like to put under the fire. River rocks, lava rocks, and crushed glass provide a distinct modern look, perfect for entertainment centers that have a television over your fireplace. You could also think about installing gas fireplace logs to achieve the classic wood fire style.

Type of Gas Fireplace Venting

We tend to think of chimneys when we look at the fireplace however, do gas fireplaces require chimneys? They do need vents or flues and, therefore, technically they require the chimney. Venting using the use of a vent or flue there are various methods of venting that gas fireplaces typically use.

Power Venting

The elegant style of the fan powered vent is able to be bent and twisted through your house to draw outside air and expel combustion gas from a fireplace from any place. Ventilators for exhaust are positioned outside. Most often, the exhaust fans are located on the roof. However, they may be positioned horizontally or vertically. The fireplace is completely concealed and almost quiet, which means that the fireplace appears to appear to be lit by magical energy.

Type B Vent

The B-vent is a method of taking air from your home and transferring oxygen to the flame. It can vent both horizontally and vertically, and is the most frequently used method of venting for gas fireplaces.

Convenience of Use

One of the advantages of this kind of fireplace is that it can be switched on by the turn of a button or with a click of the remote in the event you want. It’s worth deciding which one you prefer, as for some the remote can be hidden in a drawer but the switch remains in the middle. Another consideration to make is if you’d prefer the option of a double-sided fireplace. Create a cozy atmosphere by putting two rooms together or take half of the fireplace out to the patio for an outdoor fire that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Cost of a Gas Fireplace and Installation

Gas fireplace installation in omaha can cost in the range of $3,000 and $5,000, based on the method of venting you want to use as well as the access to your gas line, as well as any modifications you choose during the process. Although it’s a significant expense it is the result of material and labor costs, which make the bulk of the expense. Installation costs to install the gas fireplace as opposed to a the wood fire are generally less when all these elements are considered.

Who Should Install A Gas Fireplace

Who installs gas fireplaces better than professionals who have done it every day and night out? You can certainly learn to set up an gas fireplace, and even try to do it yourself it, but you’ll spend the majority of your time and have no savings.

There are also the risks of a gas leak as well as carbon monoxide accumulation from insufficient venting. And if the wiring of your fireplace isn’t to par, you could do some more harm. Save yourself the pain and do it in the right way on the first try.

Find Your Ideal Gas Fireplace

If you’re in your living room, across to the boxes of cardboard that you used to create the framing rough for a gas fireplace You’re in the right spot! Our team of fireplace experts help you navigate the procedure of locating the ideal gas fireplace to fit your space. We’ll be there to answer any questions you may have during the entire process, from initial design to the installation.