The black and white striped T-shirt is an essential and timeless item in any man’s wardrobe. Men may shy away from this pattern because they think it is not easy to style. We’ve come up with seven different ways to style black-and-white stripe tees. You can see how versatile these styles are by implementing them according to the occasion. You can also create stunning casual looks by using fewer options. Take a look at these seven unique ways that are discussed in this article.

What is the difference between black and white striped T-shirts

Striped t-shirts are a staple in many wardrobes. Striped t-shirts are a great way to create a casual outfit. It can be not easy to choose the right pair of tees for these tees. Before you learn about the best teams, take a look at the different types available on the market.

Vertical Stripes

Each type of stripe will make your body look different. Vertical stripe tees are great for creating the illusion of height. If you want to appear taller, then these stripe t-shirts are the best option. Men love black and white stripes, and these are suitable for formal or casual occasions. They look great with jeans, chinos, and trousers.

Horizontal Stripes

We can’t ignore the horizontal stripes when we talk about striped tees. Some men find it quite useful, even though they are not the most popular. Horizontal lines can give the illusion of a wider body. Men who want to appear larger often choose these stripes. They can be paired with almost any bottom and instantly create an attractive look.

Striped tees look great with blazers

Looking for a sophisticated, elegant look? Combining a black and white stripe t-shirt with a blazer is incredibly stylish. Pair a navy blue tee with dark jeans, and layer with a navy blue jacket. When choosing t-shirts with navy colors, ensure that the stripes are black or white. You can wear this look to a party or date night, but you can also use it for any semi-formal occasion. Add a pair of brown leather shoes to complete this look, especially if it’s for a semi-formal event.

Combination with classic chinos

Men prefer horizontal stripes on tee shirts. If you’re getting ready for a casual event in these striped tops, pair them with chinos. The classic chinos go well with any tee. If it’s a t-shirt with vertical stripes, then classic chinos are the perfect choice. If you decide to wear beige or another neutral color, then choose a black-and-white striped tee. This combination is classy. To make it more attractive, add brown boat shoes or loafers to them.

Wear an overshirt under the T-shirt

Overshirts over t-shirts are one of the more common yet lesser-used combinations. Over a striped shirt, you can wear a simple top. This will give your look more depth and texture. Try a brown or green overshirt paired with a black tee shirt and a white stripe. This combination can be paired with denim or even chinos. This combination is perfect for casual occasions or as a staple look.

Pair with jeans that are regular fit

The best jeans to wear with any T-shirt are your regular blue jeans. The combination of a striped tee and blue jeans looks great. Choose either dark blue or shaded denim and pair them with a striped black and white shirt. This outfit is perfect for a casual weekend get-together or party. Finish the look with white sneakers or loafers.

Style Shorts:

For a stylish and fun look this summer, combine a striped shirt with shorts. This is a great outfit for summer, as it will keep you cool while also making you look cool. For a pool party, a beach trip, a day with friends, or a day at the beach, you can wear a black-and-white striped tee with shorts in black, gray, or light colors.

Cargo pants pair well with striped T-shirts

Try pairing cargo pants with striped tees for a stylish yet practical look. This combination is perfect for a day with friends. Try a white and black stripe t-shirt with olive green cargo trousers to create an original look. White sneakers will look great with this combination. This outfit is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a casual brunch with friends or a weekend getaway.

Combine it with bomber jackets.

Bomber jackets have become very popular in recent years. Try wearing bomber jackets and striped tees to create a totally different look. Add a bomber to your striped tees and jeans, or add chinos to look a little edge. Combining black jeans with black bomber jackets and a black and striped tee shirt will provide you with a stylish look.

You should now have some ideas on how to style a striped black and white shirt. These outfits will help you uniquely style your t-shirt and achieve the look that you desire. You can style the tees in different ways depending on the occasion. If you’re going out on a date, then shorts are not the best choice. Select the styles according to your personality and personal taste.

Style tips for black and white striped t-shirts

It is not a good idea to wear a black and white horizontal stripe tee with striped trousers or pants. Always choose plain pants or trousers with striped tees.

When you are styling a striped black and white T-shirt, ensure that the tee is the perfect size. It will only look good on you if you select the ideal fit.

Choose thin stripes for formal occasions and wider stripes for casual occasions. This means that you should choose the type of stripes according to your style and experience.

Style them to look neat. The t-shirt should have black and white stripes, while the bottoms should be a neutral color.