You know how precious a few inches of extra space are if you have ever lived in a tiny home. The key is to maximize every inch of space, install built-in shelves in underutilized spaces, and learn how to expand upwards rather than outwards. Living rooms are often the rooms where people gather to relax or chat with friends. It’s important to have a living room that flows as smoothly as possible, especially if you live in a small space.

A round storage coffee table is a great way to make sure that this happens. No sharp edges, no jagged paths to walk, and no unreachable routes to the couch. These multi-purpose pieces can be used as a desk, dining table, or storage bin. Shop designer-selected round storage coffee tables to find the perfect table for your small space.

Arroyo Upholstered Ottoman. If in doubt, opt for plush. If you have a small area, a multi-purpose upholstered coffee table like Pottery Barn can be incredibly useful. You can place a tray on the top of the table to store the items that tend to accumulate on the coffee table. Then, remove the tray for guests and extra seating.

Delaney Round Nesting Tables

The nesting tables have a minimal design but a maximum style thanks to their white Banswara Marble on a glam brass table base. You can stack them or use them as side tables for entertaining.

Sigmund Round Table

This sculptural oak coffee table is both visually pleasing and functional. This is one of the largest options on our list. However, if you’re looking for a piece that makes a statement, then this is it.

Round Coffee Table with Streamline Design

This West Elm Coffee Table is simple, sleek, and streamlined. It pairs well with many design aesthetics. You can store books, blankets, or toys under the tabletop because it doesn’t have a base.

Amaya Coffee Table

Minimalist with a rustic feel. This round storage coffee table by Wayfair is perfect for you if that’s your style. This coffee table features a beautiful wood grain with a double-tiered tray shelf that is perfect for both house decor and clutter in the living room.

Nesting Coffee Table

The nesting tables by Wayfair look great in their minimalist black-and-white aesthetic. They also work well for smaller spaces. The smaller table can be pushed under the larger one to create a smaller footprint. It can also be pulled apart and used as a small side table.

Bea Sand velvet Ottoman

The solid oak legs and white cotton upholstery on the CB2 ottoman look stunning. You can even place a coaster right on the top of the ottoman without needing a tray. It is a smaller ottoman, so it’s perfect for a small living room.

Braided Jute Pouf

Buy two or more of these Jute Poufs, and you can move them around to use as a footrest, table, or makeshift desk. They also work well for extra seating. If you don’t have guests around, place them together in a group where your coffee table normally sits and add an oversized tray to the top as an informal surface.

Drum Storage Coffee Table

Here’s a modern take on the classic coffee table. The West Elm find features a matte black base and a brass frame. It also has finger holes in the lid that allow you to lift the top of the table for extra storage. It ticks every box!

Vitri Walnut Coffee Table

A round storage coffee table with a smoked glass surface, walnut shelf, and steel legs has a 1960s feel. The two-tiered construction allows you to double the space for displaying your coffee table, books, and candles. You can also store extra throw pillows or blankets.

Timpani Tan Ottoman

The rich color of this ottoman in camel makes it look vintage. It’s also leather so that it will look even better with age. Place this beautiful piece in a Parisian living room to let it do the talking.

Asher Coffee Table

This stunning mango wood table has chunky legs that can house something under it. You can also stack extra pillows or blankets in a basket or place a round one underneath your table.

West Elm Washed Oak Storage Coffee Table

This round oak storage table has a swivel top that can be opened to reveal a large cavity for storing all of the extras. The graining of the light wood would be a great addition to a minimalist or beachy home.

Pollie Marigold Velvet Storage Ottoman

The marigold velvet ottoman will add a pop of color to any room, whether or not it has storage. The tufted side panels can be lifted to reveal hidden storage space for throw blankets, winter sweaters, or toys.

Lift the top Coffee Table

A coffee table with storage that can also be used as a coffee desk is the best choice for a small room. But the Wayfair pick does triple work. You can remove the pieces from beneath for additional seating and then lift the top to reveal secret storage.

Leio Round Coffee Table

This round coffee table has a rich wood grain and an organic shape. It adds texture and a feeling of nature to a small room. Its rough-hewn wood feels organic and elevated — it’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.