The humble bunk bed is a classic kids’ bed that has endured the test of time. Bunk beds are a great way to make more room for your family, whether you want to accommodate a new member or give your kids more space to play.

It’s important to consider the pros and cons of bunk beds before purchasing. The advantages and disadvantages of bunk beds are not limited to their price or style.

If you’re wondering, “Should I get a bunk bed?” We’re here with the pros and cons of bunk beds compared to normal bed frames.

Separate theme beds are a great investment because they can grow with your child. Some kids’ bunks can be separated. As your children grow older and need their own space, you can divide it into two individual beds. You can even turn the two beds into guest beds when your kids eventually leave.

These are great for sleepovers

Sleepovers, which include ghost stories, den-building, and dance routines for children to perform, are a part of childhood. Bunk beds are a great alternative to sleeping bags on the floor. The triple bunk beds are designed with a single bed on top and a Double Bed below so that they can sleep three people. We also offer quadruple bunk beds if you really want to go to the extreme.

They offer private space within a shared bedroom

Occasionally, due to space restrictions, it is necessary to share a room. Just because you share a room doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your privacy. Your children can create some amazing dens for their play or to block out the outside world. Clip-on lamps can be used to illuminate the child’s personal space and allow them to read at night. It’s also great if one of your children likes to read at night with the light on. This way, they won’t wake up their brother or sister!

You can use them to create more space for your children

Space is an issue for every growing family. Many of the floor spaces are taken up by storage solutions such as closets and toyboxes. Children are often left with little room to play! Bunk beds are a great way to maximize unused vertical space and free up some much-needed square meters. You can give your kids more space to grow, play, and develop by choosing bunk beds instead of two singles.

The lessons they teach are life-changing

Shared rooms teach children important life lessons like being tolerant and sharing. The time spent together can strengthen the bond between siblings. It can be useful to implement a shared bedtime ritual for twins by sharing a bedroom.

These aren’t just for children

What? Adult bunk beds?! It’s true! Most bunk beds are designed for children, but they can comfortably accommodate an adult. Our stylish alternative beds are perfect for guest rooms, flatshares, or rentals. They’re not childish. Check the product page of the bed to see if it can accommodate an adult.

These are great for storage

We’ve already mentioned that bunk beds provide more space for sleeping and can free up floor space, but there are also many options available if you prefer to have bunks with built-in storage. Our bunk beds offer plenty of storage, whether you want individual shelves beside each bed or a desk with drawers and a cupboard beneath.

Sleeping in a high place

We all worry about our kids as parents – that’s just part of our job. Do they get enough sleep? Will their bed grow along with them? What if the child rolls out of bed and gets hurt? We’re certain you’ve already asked yourself these questions. Let us put your worries to rest. The bunk beds for our kids are solidly constructed and have fixed guardrails, so they can’t roll off the top bunk. With small gaps between horizontal rails, there is no chance that they will slip and become caught. Learn more by reading our blog, Bunk Bed Safety.

Feeling claustrophobic

It’s not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable the first few times they sleep on a bunk bed because they aren’t used to a ceiling or bed so close. Understandably, people feel this way, especially if they are sleeping in a triple bunk bed where the bed above them is closer than normal. To combat this, you can provide open and airy beds that are secure and safe. Play around with the layout of the room to make it more available. For example, place the bed against only one wall instead of two. This will allow more light in the bedroom.

It can be not easy to reach the top bunk

They must climb up the ladder in order to get into their bed. We recommend that children sleeping on the top bunk be at least six years old. Our kids’ bunk beds have handles that make it easy to climb. You will find it difficult to make the bed every morning. With a fitted sheet, you only have to worry about placing the pillow and the duvet.

Have you decided whether or not you want to buy a bunk bed

Do bunk beds make sense? Your home and you will determine whether bunk beds are a good idea. Check out our stylish and sturdy Bunk Beds if you’ve decided that bunk beds will work well in your home. Now, you need to determine who will sleep in each bunk! Check out our guide for all the answers to your burning questions!