From the groom to Grandpa, everyone should think about their summer wedding outfit. This guide is a great tool for anyone to get the look they want, but we wanted to make sure that all couples had a chance at choosing their perfect wedding outfit. We’re talking about a suit that you will wear in approximately 6 thousand photos of your life.

It would be best if you had a summer suit for your wedding, no matter who you are. We will bring you up-to-date on the latest trends in 2023 and the most popular ideas for suit and tuxedo styles. We will also help you choose the perfect fit for your spring or summer wedding.

The Most Popular Summer Wedding Dresses

The perfect summer wedding suits will look great in a wide range of colors. Often, they are classic styles and colors that make the groom and his party look their best. Here are our choices for the 2023 popularity contest.

The Blue Suit

Navy is a conservative option for casual wedding attire. True Blue suit, not navy, is the modern option that has been very popular in recent years. It’s a common misconception that embracing the blue trend will limit your options.

The intensity of blue suits can be matched to the vibrancy of wedding colors. This will help you tone down a more aggressive color. The rich blue fabric will make the black textiles pop. The blue suits work equally well with black footwear and colorful accessories.

The Grey Suit

The gray suit doesn’t look flashy. It is the sedan of summer wedding suits. This is a great choice for many grooms and guests. The tame gray base might seem conservative, but you can still turn up the volume with your accessories. We got deep with the suit metaphor.

The grey suit is a great choice for any wedding theme. From boho to beach, it will complement all colors. The case is also able to handle hot weather, which is great if your wedding will be held outdoors.


Silk is a durable and luxurious fabric that can release wrinkles as easily as grown men should let go of insults. Silk ties are popular for weddings because of these qualities. Worms also make silk. Guarantee that worms make nothing else at your wedding.

Summer Wedding Dress Trends

Even if you’re not afraid of wearing an old suit (my biggest fear is sinkholes), it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in men’s wedding attire. Lean in if the wedding suit trends of 2023 speak to you. Take the styles that you like and ignore the others.

The ROSE SHAWL Tuxedo in Bold Color

You can get a sense of the direction men’s formal wear and fashion are taking by watching award shows. Colorful, unique suits are in style right now. You’ll have to wear them with confidence, but there’s no reason why you can’t do it at your wedding (or another person’s).

These options are more formal than a tuxedo but still not as traditional. This rose suit, for example, will make you stand out. It is more formal than your typical suit, but no one would describe it as traditional.

BOLD LIGHT: The Light Blue Tuxedo

Fortune is often in favor of the bold. Fortunately, this light-blue tuxedo doesn’t push the envelope. Bright and well-buttoned, it’s a great look. It’s bright and buttoned up, but not so much that it would detract from the significance of a wedding. A colorful tuxedo was revolutionary a few years ago, but we no longer live by that rule. We have much to celebrate as we gather together for these big moments. This is what you wear to celebrate.

A dinner suit is a great option if a full-on rose or light blue suit seems too overwhelming. It strikes the perfect balance between colorful and classic. These looks combine a unique jacket (sometimes colored) with black tuxedo trousers for an easy-to-wear look.


Linen is a wonderful fabric for creating subtle texture differences. This creates a stylish look. When choosing neckwear or pocketsquares, keep this in mind.

Timeless summer wedding attire for men

It’s a good idea to stick with a tried-and-true look. These timeless styles have proven themselves year after year and will continue to do so long after 2023’s summer wedding season is over.


Our pick for a timeless wedding style in the summer is a white dinner jacket tux. The classic tux is still there, but it has been updated for warmer weather. This tuxedo is made from Italian merino, which allows it to breathe better in hot weather.

The white dinner jacket can be dressed down by adding a necktie or other accessories that are not as traditional. This is a great choice for grooms, but anyone can wear it. You may want to choose a more modern look if you are a wedding guest. For example, our contrast shawl style tuxedo. White dinner jackets are timeless, but the lapel color and shape are unique.


Black and white accessories and neckwear will never go out of style.

Choose Wedding Looks for the Groomsmen

The choice of the groom’s suit is not easy, but choosing the wedding suit for the groomsman can often be the most difficult. This post is a great resource for detailed advice on selecting the right look for your groomsmen. We wouldn’t leave you empty-handed, so here is our look recommendation for 2023.


Couples will be wearing more formal wedding suits in 2023. This also applies to the wedding party. We recommend a layered three-piece groomsmen suit to elevate your wedding’s vibe. A vest keeps the boys looking manly when the jackets are removed on the dancefloor. They’re eternally grateful that they aren’t called “groomsboys.”

A vest can be used to differentiate between the look of the groomsman and the groom. You can also flip the script and limit the groomsmen to the traditional 2-piece suit (jacket/pants), saving the vest for your groom.