Over the last year, we’ve been relying heavily on our kitchen appliances. These appliances make cooking easier and more enjoyable. ? ???

The air fryer is the most popular cooking tool of this pandemic. Pinterest is awash with air fryer recipes. I think it’s the Instant Pot, but unlike the Instant Pot, this one doesn’t make your food mushy. I am still disappointed that the Instant Pot did not live up to my expectations. ? ??? (I know many people love it, but that’s another discussion.)

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review

You may ask yourself the same question as the quarantined millennials: “To buy an air-fryer or not to buy an air-fryer?” Are you a millennial if you don’t have an air fryer?

The answer is “yes.” Yes, you still qualify. No, you do not NEED one. You don’t need most things. But will it bring you happiness? ABSOLUTELY.)

I was also hesitant to join the air fryer bandwagon, but after being encouraged by family and friends, I finally took the plunge. I’m now an apparent overnight influencer. For those who followed me on Instagram to get fashion tips, I apologize for now only being able to talk about this. It’s so amazing that I sometimes feel like a new parent. I try to refrain from talking about it because it is getting too much, but I want to gush and adore her, even her most mundane features. Did you know that she has a CRUMB TRAY? Her name is Agatha Crispy. Congratulations to Lyndsay, who came up with this absolutely brilliant name.

Agatha, also known as the Cuisinart Toaster Air Fryer, is a Cuisinart combo air fryer. Today, we’ll be answering ALL of your Agatha questions. Thank you to all who sent in stories!


Cuisinart’s TOA-60 Air Fry Toaster Oven does exactly what it says! This is a combination air fryer/toaster oven. This is the replacement for our Breville toaster. This is why it’s not a traditional air-fryer. It has more features than air-frying. Because I had a very small counter, I decided I didn’t need another appliance. It comes in a variety of colors, and I have the stainless-steel version, but they also come in other colors. All include a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

What comes with it

(See below photo). The Cuisinart is supplied with three trays: the air frying basket (top tray below), as well as a sheet pan and a rack. The trays can be arranged in any order depending on the type of food you are cooking. The air fry pan should always be positioned on top of the sheet pan so that it can catch any drippings or crumbs. The sheet pan can be used in the full-size oven as a sheet pan for air frying and baking.

How much food can you cook at once with the CUISINART AIRFRYER TOASTER OVEN

The air fryer can cook 3 lb. It can cook up to 3 lb. It’s always enough for two, but you may want something bigger if there are four people. See below for more top picks!

Is the CUISINART Air Fryer Toaster Oven Worth It

Yes! For the type of cooking that I do and my needs, it is absolutely worth the price AND the counter space. Here are some of the things I like about it:

Crispy, crunchy and healthier food

The air frying function makes all food perfectly crispy without making it unhealthy. You can get brittle and crunchy food in just minutes by spraying olive oil on your food. You use considerably less than traditional deep-frying or pan-frying.

Fast food

It is so much faster than an ordinary oven or toaster! The heating elements are of high quality. It has a toast function, but I use the air fry setting to make toast. It’s quicker and tastes the same.

Counter Space

It takes up the same amount of counter space as an ordinary toaster. The toaster looks larger because it is taller, but the footprint is the same as before.

Very easy to clean – easier to clean than an air fryer

The toaster is just as easy as any other toaster to clean! I rinse the trays using soap and a damp sponge. Takes two seconds. There are not many crumbs that fall to the bottom. But there is also a tray for catching crumbs. You slide it out and wipe it clean before putting it back. There’s no need to scrub the melted cheese out of difficult-to-reach areas! Yes, the accessories can be washed in a dishwasher!!

An oven light and the ability to see food cook

Here’s a big one. In a normal air fryer, you can’t monitor your food as it cooks. It’s a bit of a learning process, particularly with the Cuisinart, because it runs hot. It’s fast because it runs hot. It’s important to watch your food and not rely solely on the timer. Every oven is different, and you have to get to know it.

Cooking is easier, mess-free, and more hands-off

It’s nice to be able to cook more things with the air fryer than you would on the stove. Air fryers can make almost anything that you would pan-fry, from meat to vegetables.

Imagine the convenience of a sheet-pan meal with the taste and texture of something deep-fried or pan-fried. For a few reasons, you can get the convenience of a large convection-style oven with the time-saving of a toaster. It doesn’t need to be preheated (at least not with the Cuisinart). The food is much closer to the source of heat, and it takes less time to heat up.

Cuisinart Air Fry Toaster Oven does not require preheating

It’s important to me. I know I said it before, but I want to reiterate it. Some models require a preheating period, which I did not have. This is why I dislike the instant pot because it does not actually save time due to preheating or steam release. ? ??? I felt duped. Another topic for another day.

Air Frying

It’s a fact that air frying is just another way to say “Convection.” I upgraded my toaster because I did not have the convection feature on my oven. You probably don’t require an air fryer if you already have a convection function in your oven.


It also has a toaster function, but I use the air fryer for toast because it is so fast!

Baking, Broiling

This is because air frying is so much quicker than the traditional methods of baking or broiling. This model has those features if you wish to use them.


It’s amazing for warming up takeout. Never cry again over soggy wings or fries! It would be useless for anything that wasn’t crispy, like soup, pasta, or branches.


Even when I don’t air fry, I love the warming feature. Please cook in batches (i.e., You’ve made vegetables for a side dish and want to keep the veggies warm while you cook your chicken.