Roofs are like tires; we only think about them when a problem arises. We only replace them when we absolutely must. But, we forget that, just like tires, if we maintain the roof regularly, we can extend its life. 

Your home’s roof is a big deal, and even though you try to ignore the fact that it might eventually need to be replaced, there are several maintenance tips you can follow to avoid tearing it off sooner rather than later. 

What follows is a quick-hitting roof maintenance checklist that will help you prevent potential damage that can spell doom for your roof.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Are you wondering why you should hire a professional for the task when you have a roof maintenance checklist right in front of you? Well, extending life starts with regular inspections. And, some jobs are best left to the professionals. Therefore, you must employ the services of home inspectors in Concord, NH, for an annual roof inspection.

The professional will be able to spot potential problems that may not be visible to the untrained eye and give you invaluable tips for extending the lifetime of your roof. They will perform certain tests and provide you with a property inspection report. 

Make sure you ask for the cost of home inspection before you select a professional inspection company.

Check Your Shingles for Damage

How do you maintain a roof? 

Well, something that you can certainly do yourself is to clamber up a ladder and get a good look at your roof. Shingles can go through everyday wear and tear, so it is best to periodically check their condition to be sure they are healthy. Here’s what you should be looking for when inspecting the roof:

  1. Curling shingles
  2. Missing shingles
  3. Cracked shingles
  4. Missing granules
  5. Peeling flashing 

If you observe any of the above-mentioned conditions, you must address the issue right away to prevent any damage from occurring.

Wash Your Roof 

At some point during your stay, your roof will begin to look dirty, accompanied by the formation of algae, mold, and mildew. The algae growing on your house might not cause any immediate damage, but if you leave it unattended, it can rot your shingles slowly.

In the early stage of development, algae might not be visible. So, even if your roof appears to be okay, you might need to get it cleaned regularly. To get rid of roof algae, spray your roof with a mixture of 50 % water and  50% bleach. The bleach will kill the algae quickly.

It would help if you also considered installing copper strips beneath your roof’s peak so that when it rains, the copper molecules run down the roof, killing the moss on its surface.

Clean Your Gutters

It is something no one wants to do, but cleaning your gutters and downspouts is an essential part of maintaining your roof. No maintenance checklist is complete without this tip. 

Cleaning your gutters, especially during the heavy fall season, will allow moisture to clear from your roof and keep it healthy. Certified inspectors recommend cleaning them twice a year, as part of a regular home maintenance checklist. 

Final Thoughts

Your roof is the exterior fence to the interior of your house; therefore, you must take steps to reduce its wear and tear. With this maintenance checklist at hand, you can save thousands on roof repair replacement and keep your family safe for years to come. 

Nobody likes unwanted surprises and one way to ensure that nothing of that sort comes your way is to inspect your roof as a part of your yearly house chores, and after a big storm.