Are you bored with your outdoor decor and planning to liven up your outdoor living area without spending much money? The simplest way to add some liveliness to your patio without making a hole in your pocket is by buying cushions for your furniture. This guide will tell you about the advantages of using cushions on the wicker furniture of your home. 

Reasons to buy cushions for wicker furniture

Purchasing cushions for your wicker furniture can save you dollars that you couldn’t have saved if you had to buy new furniture. More reasons are discussed below


Comfort is perhaps the most obvious reason to use cushions with wicker furniture. The bare wicker chair is hard with zero comfort and if anyone is sitting on it for a prolonged period it shall become more uncomfortable and the body can start aching. 

The easiest way to get out of it is by simply placing a deep cushion on the surface seat of the wicker chair. It shall act as a barrier between your bottom and the hard chair providing you comfort to untold levels. With its virtue, you can remain seated on your wicker chair for extended levels. 


Adding cushions to your wicker chair is a great way of adding personality and style to your outdoor garden. Even the most beautiful wicker furniture can look dull when included as interior decor. Although wicker furniture fits in any decor, furniture of wicker lacks its personality. 

However, the moment you place bright coloured or designed cushions, the entire look of the furniture gets changed. The dull-looking wicker furniture looks beautiful and fancy. Moreover, the cushions don’t look like they are added separately, it looks like they are a part of the decor. 


The rattan furniture replacement cushions also act as a shield for your wicker furniture as it absorbs the direct pressure of your body itself and does not let it pass to the chair. People tend to drag and sit on the chairs roughly and children also use the furniture for their playing purpose. 

If the wicker furniture is not protected even the sturdiest pieces can be victims of harsh use. However, cushions can be a barrier and absorb the shocks. If anyone spills ketchup or tea, bare wicker furniture can be damaged but if the spills are on the cushion, then it can be easily removed. 

Cushions are mold and mildew resistant

When something is purchased outdoors, it’s expected that it’s going to get exposed to water. Being water repellent, outdoor cushions are also mildew resistant. This feature of the outdoor cushions can assure you that even the cushions absorb some water over time, mildew won’t be developed on them.

Wicker furniture cushions will provide you with the confidence you need while performing any functions outdoors. The cushions shall give you extra vibrancy to your outdoor garden while shielding your wicker furniture at the same time. To transform your outer living space you can add some vibrant cushions to your old wicker furniture instead of spending money on the entire sofa.