If you own a swimming pool, you would know that it is not always bliss. As beautiful it is own a pool, it can get very hard to maintain it. It is evident that we need to maintain a sparkling clean pool. This way, it can be very refreshing to even look at. Moreover, you can use your pool at any time of the day. Proper maintenance of the pool can prevent you from spending a lot of time cleaning. This will reduce frustration, and your pool will look healthy, fresh, and inviting. We have gathered a run-down of factors that will help in maintaining a healthy pool. 


You should keep the chemical composition of your check your pool in check. It is always better to do the test at least once a week. You should still maintain the pH of the pool between 7.2 and 7.9. A pool should have a very less chlorine level. The chlorine in the pool will get weakened with an increase in pH. Have reasonable control over the pH of the pool and maintain it properly. This way, you won’t need to use unwanted chemicals to clean your pool.


The main factor to consider while cleaning your pool is filters. If you feel like the screen is damaged, repair or replace it. Get the type of filter that gives you reasonable flow rates. Such filters will provide you with no backwashing. Good filters will keep your pool as clean as crystal. If the climate is moderate, you will not have the need to change the filters often. If you face heavy storms, you need to do a deep cleaning of the pool along with the filters. The best DYI idea to clean dirty filters is to soak them in a muriatic acid solution or Trisodium phosphate. 


A pool pump forms an integral part of any pool. It keeps the water in your pool flowing and moving. The significant advantage of using pool filters is that it helps in removing in pushing debris through the filtering system. Besides, a pool pump is fantastic because it is effortless to use and consumes less work. The time intervals for running pool pumps vary concerning temperature and other factors, including the pool size, pump size of usage, and so on. These pumps will keep the water running through the filter and keeps it relatively tidy. Proper maintenance of pumps will help you avoid strenuous work during the cleaning.


Fencing around the pool is a good option if you have small kids. The fence adds a protective barrier, and you need not worry when your kids are playing in your lawn, near the pool. This will leave you with peace of mind. Fences are made based on the size, structure, and functionality requirements. These factors vary from one pool to another. You can choose the fencing material according to your needs. Numerous companies offer Pool fencing in Sunshine Coast. It helps to improve the safety factor, which is always a good thing.


It is quite natural for algae to develop in pools during the rainy season. In order to keep the pool fresh and tidy, we need to take proper measures to prevent the algae. The best method is to adding algaecides to the pool. You can find a lot of organic algaecide brands that won’t affect the pH of the pool and yet work efficiently. These substances prevent algae growth and development, thus leaving you with a clean pool all the time. You can also shock treat your pool to ward off algae and other debris