The leather industry is said to be one of the oldest in the world and therefore, has existed for thousands of years. One of the primary reasons for the same would be the resistance, toughness, versatility and abundance of a product such as leather. Apart from being regularly used in apparels and shoes, leather is used in multiple other applications as well. 

To help you know more about leather as a whole, we are sharing some significant facts that you should be learning – with the help of leather restoration services. 

Knowing The Amazing Facts About Leather

  • The Leather Industry Accounts For More Than $50B Worldwide

The entire leather industry accounts for almost $50B worldwide, which exceeds the overall value of the sugar, rubber, cotton, coffee and tea industry altogether. This means that leather manufacturing is indeed high profitable, making it more popular among companies who want to undertake leather manufacturing as their primary mode of doing business. 

  • Leather Was Used As A Wallpaper Once

Back in days, the concept of using leather in so many fields never occurred to human beings – such as shoes, apparels, bags and so on. This is the reason why back in days, leather was used generally as a wallpaper due to its abundance – as leather depicts the symbol of status and quality. 

  • Based On The Environment Leather Changes Its Texture

Since leather as a material contains pores in it – thereby changing in appearance and texture over time and due to change in environment as well. For instance, in a humid climate, leather becomes much softer because it tends to soak up all the available moisture. 

On the other hand, keeping leather inside a dry environment makes it harder because leather loses out the moisture from its pores. Therefore, if you want to store your leather items, it’s always suggested to keep them in an optimal temperature – which is neither too hot nor too cold. 

  • An Average Human Being Can Wear Up to Four (or more) Leather Items Unknowingly

When men get ready to go to work, they tend to wear leather belts, leather shoes, a wristwatch with leather straps and leather wallets. When it comes to women, they at least wear leather shoes, belts and bags. 

This makes leather one of the most popular materials around the world to be used on a daily basis. 

  • White Leather Is Challenging To Produce

It should be realised that leather generally tends to be coarse and hard, making it very difficult to dye – especially the colour white. It should be remembered that white leather is exceptionally prone to cracking, and the white dye doesn’t sit properly on it. This is the same reason why it’s challenging to find white leather items in the market.