If you’ve been contemplating remodeling or renovating your kitchen and are thinking about the cabinets that’ll be most ideal, there’s a good chance Cabinet City solid wood cabinets will be at the top of your list. It’s not surprising.

While a wide range of kitchen cabinet fads have come and gone over the years, solid wood has firmly stood the test of time. It is durable yet stylish. Solid wood is readily customizable and requires minimal maintenance. It comes in numerous types, grains, colors and styles. Here’s a look at some of the solid wood cabinets you could opt for.

1. White Shaker Solid Wood Cabinets

White shaker style solid wood cabinets have a simple yet classic look. This makes them a popular choice for both contemporary and traditional kitchen renovation. The clean lines of the white shaker cabinets allow them to seamlessly blend into almost any kitchen design.

White shaker style cabinets will typically come with flat panel doors together with rail frames. They are usually paired with modern hardware, stainless steel appliances and light granite or white countertops. Brilliant, radiant and inviting, white shaker solid wood cabinets liven up any kitchen they are installed in.

2. Grey Shaker Solid Wood Cabinets

If white shaker solid wood cabinets feel a little too bright for your tastes, then grey shaker cabinets are perhaps the middle ground you’ve been looking for. You enjoy the utility and simplicity that the Shaker community envisaged when they came up with this design but don’t have to settle for white.

Grey shaker solid wood cabinets have that rail and stile construction so many have grown to love. You have the option to leave the doors plain or add appropriate hardware if you prefer. Inject a little style by going for grey shaker solid wood cabinets that have a beveled edge.

3. Antique White Solid Wood Cabinets

Antique white has an unmistakable elegance and timelessness that makes it one of the most sought after styles for solid wood kitchen cabinets. The color feels warmer than conventional white.

Nevertheless, it’s white which means it can be matched with almost any kitchen color theme or design you opt for. But it does that without the dramatic contrast you’d get when you contrast regular white cabinets with dark hued floors or countertops.

Antique white solid wood cabinets leave a lasting impression with their glazed finishes, detailed surfaces and meticulously installed hardware.

4. American Walnut Solid Wood Cabinets

Scrolling through your favorite interior design magazine probably leaves you longing for the day your kitchen will look like that. Well, the American walnut solid wood cabinet could be just the thing that turns your dreams into reality and leaves your guests going green with envy.

The unique finish combines with the natural wood grain to deliver a captivating appearance. Installing American walnut cabinets can transform what was a drab kitchen into one that’s bubbling with life. Accentuate it with a nice choice of curtains, countertops, furnishings, linen and wall colors.

5. Maple Solid Wood Cabinets

Maple is one of the most durable woods you can use for a kitchen cabinet. It is light-colored and fine-grained yet has the advantage of being less dense than oak.

Maple is an excellent choice for wood cabinets thanks to its availability in a variety of styles, finishes and configurations. They are practical and clean, matching different types of kitchen furnishings, walls, countertops and flooring. Maple cabinets are readily accessorized with a range of other kitchen colors.

Your choice of cabinets is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when remodeling or renovating your kitchen. Cabinets are one of the standout features so your kitchen design will win or fail based on the cabinets you go for. By choosing the right solid wood cabinets for your kitchen, you’ll create a space you look forward to spending time in.