Congrats! Congratulations! Choosing the right home for you and home inspection in Middletown NY would be best before settling in. There are many styles to choose from, but which is best for you?

Freehold townhomes have recently seen a surge in interest in Ontario, particularly in the GTA and other surrounding areas. It may seem strange to you, but why is it so popular?

Let’s look at a townhome freehold and the pros and cons of buying one.


A freehold townhome, attached on both sides, is the same as a detached home but has different features. This means there are no additional management fees, common areas or condo association fees.



The best thing about buying a freehold townhouse? You have 100% control of your home. This means that your new home is completely customizable. Your budget and lifestyle can be adapted to decorate, update and maintain your home. It is ideal for decorating and spreading holiday cheer throughout your home.

There are no condo fees: Having no condo fees can help you save a few hundred dollars each month. There is no need to add condo fees to your existing mortgage.

Higher property appreciation: Freehold townhomes are more in demand, and their value increases faster.


Additional responsibility: Condo fees do not usually cover maintenance costs. This means that you are responsible for removing snow, mowing the lawn, and making any repairs to your house.

You have greater control over your home than your neighbours, so if they decide to play with your home’s exterior, there are no options for you. The city does have options and will investigate any complaints.

More expensive Freehold townhomes are more popular than condo-style townhomes with maintenance fees. Although the overall price of the townhome may be higher, the monthly cost will often be lower.


Freehold townhomes make great first-time homebuyers looking to grow and upgrade their family. These townhomes are also a great option for families looking to enter the real estate market.

A freehold townhome can be a great investment if you want the freedom and security of owning a home but don’t want to pay the typical cost of a detached house.

You’ve found the right place if you are an investor and want to see a positive return on real estate investments. A freehold townhome allows for high returns on your investment, as there are no monthly maintenance and condo fees. These units are great for renting out to suitable tenants.

You’re lucky if you fall within any of the above categories. Bradley Homes is proud to build South End townhomes freehold in Barrie!