Nothing can beat real wood when it comes to elegance & warmth. However, wooden floors do need a certain amount of maintenance so that they keep looking good as well as durable over time. It should be realized that regular maintenance should be more than just a simple sweep, mopping, or dusting. 

If you want your wooden floors to last for nearly a decade, it’s always recommended to perform a daily mop along with regular vacuuming. Moreover, ensure that you apply a maintenance coat every three to five years. Apart from that, we are sharing some critical tips that will help you maintain your wooden floors over time. 

Significant Procedures To Maintain Wooden Floors

  • You should not be using cleaning products that are meant for tile or vinyl floors on wooden floors. The acrylic solution that will be present in the cleaning solution will make wooden floors extremely slippery. Moreover, the overall appearance of the wooden floors will become dull as well.
  • Proceed to use rugs or carpets at doorways, which will prevent any debris from entering your rooms. Furthermore, be sure to clean your carpets regularly, with the help of a professional carpet cleaning service in Ryde.
  • You should not be using a wet mop or even try to steam clean your wooden floors. This is because water, as well as steam, can quickly make the appearance of the wooden floor dull & lifeless.
  • It’s never recommended to wax a wooden floor because as we said previously, waxing will only make the wood duller in appearance. Instead, proceed to buff the wooden floors.
  • If you spill any liquid or drink on your wooden, ensure that you clean the same up immediately using a slightly damp cloth. In case you post-pone your cleaning task, then the spilt liquid will get absorbed into the porous structure of the wood and thereby damage it over time.
  • Always place protectors under your furniture, which will prevent scratches on your wooden floor. Besides, ensure that you replace the protectors when they wear out.
  • When you try to move your furniture from one place to another, be sure to take assistance from one or more of your family members. Ensure that the feet of the furniture don’t scratch the wooden floor surface and to do that, you can simply lift up the furniture from its place and move it to its desired location.
  • You should not be walking on your wooden floors wearing spiked boots or heeled shoes. A single impact is enough to put a dent on the floor.
  • Try to place carpets in some of the most traffic experiencing areas of your home. It will help in lowering the impact of footfalls.

You must remember that even though hardwood is durable, it’s also prone to damage by high traffic. So, preventive measures must be taken like, as mentioned above.