To keep your washroom clean and hygienic, you can get in touch with cleaning services Toronto. Professionals can deep clean your washroom. However, if you are looking for quick cleaning and you don’t have time to call for help, the below-mentioned tips can help you.

You can clean your washroom yourself. In fact, it is essential for you to know how you can keep your washroom sparkling. This is the space where you wash off your dirty feet and bathe your body. So, this room must be hygienic.

How To Clean A Bathroom

Clean the Shower

Cleaning shower can be a difficult task. You will face the biggest difficulty while getting rid of the soap residues from the shower. So, you should begin from this place. You will have to take the shower off to give it a deep cleaning. Vinegar can be a great cleaning ingredient. Dip the shower into a vinegar filled plastic bag. It will clean off the grease and the dirt. You need to leave the shower inside the bag overnight. In the morning, you can allow cold water to run over the shower for quick cleaning.

Move to Bathtub

Now, this is the place where you relax after a lengthy day. This needs some care as well. Bathtubs can gather residue very easily. So, it is your duty to clean this up every now and then. Time constraint might not allow you to give it a deep cleaning every day. However, you can use mild cleaning power to get your tub shining. Yet, this will only work if you regularly deep clean your bathtub. Otherwise, you will have to use some acid-based cleaning products.

Mold Cleaning

Mold can be dangerous for health. Overexposure to this element can lead to serious ailments. So, you need to take care of this thing the moment you spot it. Mold cleaning can be difficult. Somehow these stubborn greenish patches refuse to disappear. However, you can deal with this with baking powder and a spray bottle. Mix the powder with warm water in the spray bottle. Shake well and apply over the mold affected spot. You need to leave it for half an hour before wiping off with a sponge. This is the best way to clean mold quickly.

Vanity Area

You need to pay attention to the vanity area as this place gathers dust and other elements quickly. This place can get dirty within a day or two. So, you need to keep cleaning this area carefully. Remove everything you have stored in this area. You will need to clean the space. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle water over the place. Once you have sprayed enough water, you can wipe it clean. This should be done on a regular basis.

Toilet Cleaning

The toilet needs regular cleaning. Even if you ignore the other parts of the washroom, you need to clean this place up weekly. It is easy to catch patches. This makes the toilet look dirty. You can use detergent to clean this if you are hard-pressed for time. A clean toilet is required for hygiene.


Lastly, if you are not able to give your washroom deep cleaning, you can get in touch with deep cleaning service Toronto. Although, it is important to maintain your bathroom. Hence, make sure to wash it weekly on your own. You can always for a professional service monthly. There are a lot of different tips and tricks to keep the bathroom clean. You can get sick from the bacteria in your bathroom, if you fail to keep it clean and hygienic.