Variegated and gloomy floral and geometric ornaments; are placed on the wall or in the central part of the room; the short, hard pile feels like sandpaper. According to most people living in the post-Soviet area, these are the characteristics of carpets from the past decade. Modern carpets have more varied properties and are therefore easier to use in interior design. How to use carpets in interior design to create a stylish and modern look.

Half the work is done by choosing the right colour.

For small rooms, it is best to lay a carpet that matches the dominant colour in the interior. Contrast can work in a large or medium-sized room. In a minimalistic space, you could lay a bright carpet. In this instance, the carpet colour should be coordinated with other textiles such as tablecloths, curtains, pillows and curtains. The first step is determining which type of textile will be used in the interior. The secondary colours will be less flashy.

The material’s importance

Polypropylene is the most popular type of carpet with the lowest cost. They last about five years. One of their weaknesses is rapid pollution and intolerance to the direct sun.

Nylon carpets offer slightly better performance. They are also more durable and elastic but cost more.

Knitted models fall within the middle price range. They are more appealing than synthetic fibre carpets. They are soft to the touch and will last for about ten years.

Woollen models are the most expensive. Their main benefits include a longer service life (up to fifty years) and high environmental friendliness.

These rare silk carpets are very hard to find. These carpets are handcrafted and serve mainly as wall decorations. It creates a beautiful visual effect with its soft colour play.

It is important to combine the carpet’s design with the room’s interior.

designer can help you decorate a room. However, a traditional carpet will not work in a modern space. Although there are exceptions, it is best to let professionals handle the complex styling.

What is a classic carpet? It is decorated with a floral or geometric ornament. The carpet’s colour should look like the famous Turkish carpets. Classic models have a muted, restrained colour scheme. The interior compliments the existing furniture.

Modern models feature bright colours and complex textures. These carpets can be used as accents in an interior. Interiors decorated with ethnic styles will look particularly harmonious with modern carpets.

The size of your carpet matters

Large carpets had an average area of 6 square feet. These models covered the room’s entire floor, giving it completeness and integrity. Although a large, well-chosen carpet can look impressive, cleaning it can be a hassle. The medium-sized carpet, which can cover 3 to 6 meters in area, is the most common choice. They are essential if you need to highlight an area of the room visually. A medium-sized rug takes less effort than a larger one. Because of their versatility, mid-range models can fit in almost any interior.

Bright accents can be created by small carpets, which are less than three square meters. It is a decorative element and not a floor covering. Even though it is small, this rug can add significant comfort to your room. A Commercial Rug Cleaning company can restore your carpet to its original quality.

Each room needs a special carpet.

Medium or large carpets are the best for living rooms. They can be placed in the centre of the room with upholstered furniture. Remember that no matter how the person is sitting, the legs of an armchair or sofa must always be on the floor. There shouldn’t be any space between the sofa and the carpet. If your living room is small, it’s better to place the carpet underneath the coffee table, so their centres coincide. The carpet must be less long than the sofa.

The carpet should extend 20-30cm beyond the table’s boundaries in the dining room. The carpet should be the same shape as the table.

The standard arrangement for the bedroom carpet is to be completely under the bed with a 50-60cm extension on its three sides. Miniature rugs made of rubberized material can be an alternative to larger models. Their longitudinal dimensions are the same as the distance from the bedside table to where the rug is to be placed. You can place small decorative rugs at the foot of your bed.