The purchase of a home isn’t an investment with a low cost. You’ve saved for a long period of time and you don’t want just to pick a decent property. This is the place the family you share with is going to be, where you’ll of the good times that your children were in their teens but have now gone headed to college. It’s where you’ll throw birthday celebrations for your grandchildren or celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. There’s no way to simply buy a house and then return it within 24 hours in the event that you don’t like the old-fashioned look of the patio.

Why Do You Need A Orlando Home Inspection?

The inspector for your home will inspect the house for security, functionality and structural integrity. The inspector will let you know of any concerns that are found in their report. Home inspections can save money in the near future, if the issues are identified prior to after you have moved into. This is the reason you should take into consideration a home inspection before purchasing a house.

At Home Inspection in Orlando, we provide home inspections for many years. We have a great standing with our clients as well as in our sources of referrals within the real estate market.

Let me explain the reasons for why we’re not frightened by the lower-priced competitors:

1. You’re looking for a top home inspection, and a knowledgeable home inspector who is aware that they’re working only for you and nothing else. Don’t go with a business you’re not at ease with. Anyone who is trying to save just a few dollars on a home inspector at a bargain price can cost you more down the line. Make sure you, as the buyer are aware of the condition of your new home is our top priority.

2. Our inspectors are professional and certified who are dedicated and professional in every inspection they conduct. The success of our company is based on meeting your expectations of quality and professionalism every time! Make sure you request our inspection because we are vested in ensuring you’re 100% Satisfaction!

3. Our inspections last between 2 and 4 hours, depending of the scale, age and state of the building. 2 to 4 hours for inspections, to complete the report is extra.

4. We utilize the most advanced technology that is available, including infrared cameras gas detectors, moisture meters and electrical circuit analyzers and other tools that help identify and resolve problems. If the inspector you hire isn’t making use of these equipment and equipment, it could cost you in the event of moving into.

5. There’s no reason to doubt that you’re getting the top inspection because our experts use cutting-edge technology and the right toolsfor example, Laser Thermometer, Hand-Held Computer Moisture Meter, Outlet Testers, and more.

Newer technologies like these can reveal “hidden” signs of damage and possible issues that would otherwise be missed during the course of an “ordinary” inspection.

6. The home inspection we conduct comprises the following items:

Roof Insulation

Attic Heating and Cooling

Structure Fixed Appliances

Foundation Attic

Decks, Porches, Garage Crawl Space

Plumbing Fireplace

Electrical Walls, Doors, Windows, Floors


We offer the following services for homeowners as well as buyers of homes who reside in Orlando, FL, and the adjacent regions:

  • Buyer Home Inspection
  • New Construction
  • Wind Mitigation Inspections
  • 4 Point Inspections
  • Roof Certifications
  • Mold Air Sampling

8. We send the report to you within 24 hours of the inspection, if not earlier. The goal is to get complete comprehension of the report, therefore we detail the items that were found, so they can be understood. We provide a comprehensive and full-color, fully-colored report, complete with photographs.

9. Finally, we don’t offer run-of-the-mill services. We provide peace Of Peace of. Your investment and a thorough knowledge of the house is our top priority.