There are many things homeowners need to know before they paint their walls. You’ve probably wondered what colour to choose. Which type of paint is best for your walls and ceilings?

But there are many more questions you should ask. Most exterior and interior paint contractors will not tell you this.

Interchangeable Exterior and Interior Paints

Many people don’t know if interior paint can be used on the exterior or vice versa.

This idea is cost-effective, and the paints look very similar, but there are certain chemical differences.

The first thing to note is that paint applications on different surfaces are not always the same. Paint can have a variety of appearances and finishes. Different painting contractors use different paints for different applications and walls.

The choice of resin is another important aspect of paint makeup. The resin will also make the paint less likely to chip, peel, or fade.

What’s the verdict? – NO

Exterior and interior paints are not interchangeable. There are many reasons exterior and interior paints can be different.

This is something that many painting contractors are familiar with. The paints are designed differently to be stronger (exterior) and to look cleaner for certain wall types (interior). Exterior paint tends to scratch easily and release more VOCs (which can be toxic compounds) into your air.

Exterior paints shouldn’t be used in interior spaces as they are not intended for indoor use. They could also contain a higher level of acrylics, which can cause unpleasant odours. Interior environments present challenges that interior paints can better design and address. Not to mention the many practical benefits interior paints provide to home decorators.

It is best to use separate paints for interior and exterior walls. Or hire residential painting in auckland to do most of the work inside your home.