Many people find it difficult to declutter their clothes. Today, I share 11 tips for clearing out your closet.

These 11 tips and tricks can help you be more ruthless in your decluttering efforts! These tricks will make it easier for you to reduce your wardrobe size and eliminate clutter in your closet.

Why fewer clothes make life easier

It’s not a secret that I love a simple wardrobe. In fact, creating my capsule wardrobe was one of my favorite simplifying projects!

I have benefited from a capsule wardrobe in so many ways. It’s easier to get dressed, I save money, my closet stays organized and clutter-free, and it is easy to maintain.

Decluttering can have a positive impact even if you’re not ready to simplify your wardrobe and create a capsule.

Wear it TodayIf you are decluttering and come across an item you don’t use often but can’t let go of, wear it today or within the next few days.

One of my favorite tricks for decluttering clothing is to put clothes away that you find difficult to let go of. It is easy to hold onto clothes that you think you will wear or wear but rarely do.

It is best to try the item on right away to see if you like it.

The things that we keep but seldom wear are often the things we think will work for us but do not. You can decide if you want to keep something by wearing it immediately and paying attention to the fit, feel, and feelings while wearing it. It’s easier to get rid of clothes that aren’t right for you.

Get rid of anything that makes you uncomfortable, does not fit well, is painful, or doesn’t make you feel great. Only keep clothes that make you feel and look good.

When will you wear this item

Further, if you have something in your wardrobe that you don’t plan to wear for the next few days but would like to keep, when do you expect to want to use it?

This does not apply to clothes for special occasions. If you have something in your wardrobe that you love but aren’t wearing soon, then you probably don’t like it.

Turn your hangers upside down

It is well known that this trick can be used to declutter clothes. It’s well-known for a reason: it works!

The majority of people tend to wear a small number of clothes that they love most of the time. It’s estimated that people wear 80% of their clothing 80% of the time.

Even knowing this, it’s easy to think that you need more clothing for variety and options. Keep track of what you wear and don’t wear to help you be more ruthless in your decluttering.

How it works

Turn your hangers around so they are facing backward. Set a time limit to go through your closet, such as 3 or 6 months. Each time you wear a garment, hang it up again with the hanger facing in the correct direction.

Check to see if any hangers are still hung backward when you reach your deadline. You can get rid of an item if you haven’t worn it in 3 to 6 months.

Track your clothing

Hangers are a great way to identify items that you will never use. What about the things that you only wear once in a blue moon but do not love or wear often?

Keep track of the number of times you wear each piece of clothing.

Apps can help you keep track of your clothes and what you wear. You can also make a list and count how many times each item is worn over a certain period.

After tracking your wardrobe over three months, for example, you will be able to see the items you use most often. You can also see which items you wear rarely and get rid of.

Decluttering clothing is made easier by knowing how many times you have worn your clothes.

What’s left after laundry day

You can also keep track of which items you always leave on your laundry day.

Take a moment to note which items you haven’t worn before you place your clean laundry in your closet. You might be more comfortable getting rid of things that you see sitting in your closet unworn every week if you’ve noticed this.

You can also experiment with how long you go without doing laundry to declutter. You will be forced to wear clothes that you would normally not wear in favor of your favorite items.

When you wear clothes that you don’t usually wear, you should pay attention to the way they feel, fit and look. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, look or feel right.

Try it on

try on every item that you plan to keep.

When you are trying on each item, be honest about how it feels, looks, and fits. Take pictures of yourself or ask someone you trust for their honest opinion. It can be helpful to have a new pair of eyes look at your clothing to determine which pieces make you feel and look best.

You may think that something feels and looks great on you, but it’s not always the case!

Or your style may have changed. Your body shape or size may have changed. Maybe the color, style, or fit doesn’t flatter your body as much as it used to.

You may love an item, but something about it irritates you. You may find yourself constantly adjusting the thing, or the material is irritating. The color might not look good on you.

Another important tip for decluttering clothes is to ask others what they think about an item.

You will usually be able to tell if it is something that you like, love, and feel good about. You can tell if you’re not in love with something by asking someone else.

Set yourself deadlines to complete repairs or modifications

Clothing that needs to be altered or repaired can also clutter up your closet. You may keep clothing that needs repairs or alterations around, but you never get around to doing the repairs or changes. You may have clothes in your closet that you don’t wear.

Set deadlines for yourself to complete the repairs and alterations. Get rid of items if you don’t get the repairs or changes achieved by the deadline.

You probably don’t want it in your closet if you aren’t going to repair or alter it quickly.