Dirty walls are not attractive. Make your living room look cleaner and more inviting by cleaning the walls. Flat paint walls require special care. Flat paint can be damaged if it is scrubbed too hard. This could lead to uneven sheen. How do you clean flat painted walls? These are the best tips.

Check if you have flat paint

Flat paint walls are required before you can follow our cleaning tips. Flat paint walls does not refer to wall texture. It is a matte finish. Flat paint doesn’t reflect light so it is great for concealing imperfections in ceilings or accent walls. Flat paint is transparent at 0-10 percent gloss. If they reflect light from any angle, you can be sure that they are flat.

Get Your Cleaning Supplies

You will need these essentials to clean flat-painted walls.

  • Use sponge or cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Eraser sponge
  • Foam cleaner
  • Detergent
  • Paint brush and touch up paint

Flat Paint Walls

Flat paint walls should be cleaned as soon as possible to remove dirt and stains. They will become more difficult to clean if they are left unattended. We have some suggestions for how to remove smears, smears and scuff marks on flat painted walls.

  • Begin by wiping down the stained wall using a damp sponge or cloth. Some stains can be removed with water. It is more likely that this will work if wall stains are dealt with as soon as possible.
  • You can also add vinegar to your damp sponge/cloth and scrub the walls with it.
  • An eraser sponge can be used to remove stain spots that vinegar isn’t able to completely remove. This gentle cleaner should remove the stain without causing damage to your flat painted walls.
  • Use a mild foam cleaner from the store to remove stubborn wall stains. For best results, follow the instructions on the container.
  • Applying diluted detergent is the last method of cleaning you should attempt. It should take about one tablespoon of detergent and one gallon water. To remove any remaining staining, dip your rag in the solution.
  • Use the original wall paint if you still have it. To cover the stain, touch it up. You can also call painters in Ann Arbor for repaint the wall using a durable sheen. A 10-25 percent gloss eggshell finish is more durable than flat paint and is easier to maintain without looking too shiny.