Are you concerned about how a home inspection works? Who inspects? What are the charges? What are the procedures? Here is a perfect guide with answers to all these questions. Read on to know all about home inspection and how to get through the whole procedure smoothly. 

Who pays for the inspection?

A commonly asked question among the house owners is this. Usually, the buyer of the house in question pays for the inspection. Sometimes the seller itself offers to help. There are cases when the buyer wants the owner to pay for it too. So, the answer to the question varies from person to person. It is mostly done by the seller before putting the home in the market to get an idea of an estimated market price of the house. This way, the seller can reassure a buyer about the damages and maintenance done to the house prior to the decision and also saves the buyer from hiring an inspector if the buyer is interested in the house. 

How much does it cost to do a home inspection?

According to the experts, home inspections in Miami Dade costs vary from one company to others. Depending on the house size, you might pay less for smaller properties and more for the bigger ones.  You should ensure that the house inspector you are hiring is licensed and qualified to undertake the job. Sometimes your state might not have a proper license for the workgroup. Hire from a company that has ethical standards and does not cut corners. 

Are there follow-up costs?

Once the report is made for the issues, if there are serious concerns, you have to get multiple reports after inspecting those specialized areas. These types of reports include radon, termites, asbestos, mold, etc. Some checks include sewer pipes and camera services too. 

How much is the duration of an inspection?

An inspection duration takes time, depending on several factors. The first and foremost reason is size. Other factors are the number of defects that need fixing. The expertise of the inspector is another factor that brings down the time. The coordination of the owner while preparing the report is another reason which decides the duration. 

What to do with the report?

There will be many defects reported by them. You should understand that not any home is perfect. You can do the mentioned minor repairs if needed. If there are major repairs included, it is better to leave the buyer to negotiate on the price rather than taking the expense of repairing those defects. Discuss with the real estate agent and before moving forward so that you will get a better deal if you are a buyer.