What should you do if your boiler stops working? Follow our five-step checklist before calling an engineer.

Your electric boiler may not work for many reasons, even if it is a modern boiler. There could be electrical, gas or plumbing problems. The professional engineer will be able to determine the cause, but you can help by following these steps.

Take a look at the Power.

Although it sounds simple, it can be very frustrating to think something is broken even though it was not plugged in. First, ensure your power supply is turned on if the boiler isn’t working. If your electricity is on credit, ensure you have enough to run the boiler.

Check the Boiler Clock

Your boiler’s clock could have been reset if your electricity went out recently or there was a power cut. The boiler could stop working properly, and the heating will not turn on correctly. It could appear that your boiler isn’t working, but it’s operating at the correct time. Before calling for professional assistance, check the boiler clock and set it at the correct time.

Make sure the room thermostat is set.

Next, check that your thermostat has been set correctly. Your thermostat may not be at the correct temperature to heat your boiler. You should set your thermostat to at least 21 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, you might not be able to feel the heat. After you have set the temperature, make sure to check the timer to ensure that the heating turns on immediately.

Pay attention to the pressure.

Your boiler may stop working if the pressure drops. This is especially true for combi gas boilers. A pressure gauge, or dial, usually has 1-4 bars. The pressure should not drop below 1 bar when it is cold. Your boiler may stop working if the pressure drops below 1 bar. This is why it is important to seek professional assistance before fixing the boiler problem.

Reset the Boiler

You may need to reset the boiler if none of these options work. Follow the instructions on your boiler manual to resolve the issue. If the above steps do not work, you should contact professional assistance immediately.