Hiring an expert team for carpet cleaning is an option used by many homeowners. The experts will take care of the carpet and maintain it clean. Some experts may also offer you with year plan. Well maintained carpets are more welcoming for your guests.

But just because the task will be done by experts, does not mean preparation is not needed. Before you search for a carpet cleaning in Adelaide Hills team, go through the checklist provided by experts here.

Any professional carpet cleaning services will expect homeowners to be prepared for the task before they arrive. There are certain things that you may have to take care of on your own.

Always ensure you vacuum in advance

Before the team arrives, homeowners should vacuum the carpet if possible. This will ensure that all dust and debris stuck on the top layer are removed. This makes the process of dusting simpler for professionals as well.

You have to keep in mind that the carpet cleaning task will involve moving the carpet outdoors. With all dust and debris accumulated, it is never easy to move the carpet. You can speak to the professional team if vacuuming is needed in advance.

Baseboards and registers

In case you are having an HVAC unit installed at home, then the registers should be cleaned in advance. This is one task that will ensure that the carpet is maintained clean for the next few months. Baseboards and registered can be dusted.

If you have fans in the room, then you can dust them too before the team arrives. HVAC vents will always circulate the dust indoors if the filter and registers are not cleaned. So, before the team arrive this task can be performed by you.

Remove the furniture items

Expert carpet cleaning services only provide carpet cleaning tasks. They will never want to move the furniture outdoors and organize it back again in the place. The task is also time-consuming. So if you are hiring a professional team for carpet cleaning, then you have to move the furniture on your own.

This simple task will help save a lot of time and effort for the professional team. All other expensive items like crockery, wall section, deck player, and glass vases should also be moved out of the room in advance.

This helps in limiting chances of damage if any. Try and shift the items to a place that is safe to access.

Adjust space indoors

Carpets may vary in size. If you have wall to wall carpet installed at home, then you always need extra space when cleaning or moving it. if anything is placed above the carpet then it has to be removed before the team arrives.

An expert team will always be running short on time. Being prepared in advance can help save efforts and time.