Carpets usually endure a lifetime of trampling and yet maintain their appeal for a long time. However, carpets can last much longer and maintain their luster, if they’re cleaned and cared for regularly. So, how to go about the cleaning business? Here are some tips –

DIY Carpet Cleaning

  1. Vacuum Regularly – the simplest, most vital step to take care of your carpet is to vacuum it 2-4 times a month. Removing the dirt and debris from the surface of the carpet without scrubbing it deep into the carpet’s pile is important. Vacuum your house at least once a week to keep the dirt at bay. Use the right setting on the cleaner, a weaker vacuum won’t be effective at all, whereas a very strong setting may damage the rug. New carpets, in particular, shed fluff, so vacuuming it as soon as it is laid will remove any short, loose strands or fluffs.
  2. Keep A Cleaning Kit Handy – Treating the carpet spills and stains correctly is necessary or you risk damaging the carpet. Take care of any spills or pet accidents right away, or they might become permanent. Scoop up solids and blot the stains instead of scrubbing or rubbing them. Use a soft clean cloth, a paper towel, or a sponge with a little cleaning solution to dab the affected area. There are now available in the market several products manufactured specifically for this job.
  3. Protection From Sun – Sunshine can be damaging to the rug. UV rays from the sunlight can make the wool carpets fade. Sometimes, the sunlight can weaken the carpet fibers and make it brittle. Make sure to keep the Blinds or drapes shut when you leave for the day.
  4. Even Out The Wear And Tear – Not all parts of the rug will see the same amount of traffic or even sunlight. So rotate your carpet at regular intervals to even out the trail created over time by footsteps.
  5. Rotate The Furniture Periodically – while not directly related to cleaning of carpets, rearranging the furniture regularly will change the traffic patterns in your house, therefore creating a new path for the traffic to tread on, which will also help with evening out the wear and tear.

Carpets can be aesthetically appealing, add texture and finesse to the room, provide cushioning and comfort to our feet, act as shock absorbers and may even help by reducing energy bills by keeping in the heat, therefore, investing on a good carpet is important is taking care of the carpet so that it lasts a long time. While regular home cleaning is important, bi-yearly, or at least annually getting it professionally, deeply cleaned can extend its lifespan further. (if you’re looking for cleaning services, visit carpet cleaners Cocoa FL)