Use of DIY or ‘Do It Yourself’ methods have been on rise ever since the evolution of the culture of posting videos on youtube and various other platforms. Do It Yourself is the method of building, repairing or modifying things without any professional training or without the help of any professional. DIY methods have become quite popular among youth owing to them being cost-effective and means of skill development.

It is quite common for people to be able to repair their laptops, phones, electronics, vehicles themselves, without having to call any professional. It has also become quite popular among designers and enthusiasts to decorate and upgrade spaces themselves. Some have inherent skills, while some take aid of DIY videos and tutorials to develop the required skills. So much so, that people can even fix electrical and plumbing problems themselves now.

But can all plumbing problems be fixed through DIY methods? If they can be, can these problems be prevented through DIY methods? Well, only to some extent! Let me explain how.

There is a leakage in some pipe of your house and you fix it yourself. Drain in the kitchen is blocked and you pour hot water, vinegar and baking soda mix or use some other method to clean the drain. The drain gets cleared and you rejoice. After a few days, you face a similar problem and you do the same thing again.

This goes on for some time until you realise that you have to call a professional plumber to address the problem. When he checks for the root cause of the problem, he finds a bigger issue than what you would have noticed. The result? You end up spending more money in repairs then what you would have spent in calling a plumber for the very first time.

Many people spend a considerable amount of time fixing plumbing issues themselves, which otherwise would have cost them less money and time, had they sought professional help. Plumbing disasters wait for no one! And, some plumbing issues like pipe bursts and blocked drains require emergency repairs. One does not have the material and tools handy at all times. You should then be open to the idea of calling a 24 hour plumber in Melbourne. Not all plumbers burn a hole in the pocket and it is better to have an emergency plumber in your contact list.

So, while DIY methods go a long way in skill development, not every job can be done by ourselves. It is really important to draw a line between emergency repairs and repairs that can wait or that have room for mistakes. One should be open to the idea of seeking professional help for matters that are beyond our control!