Truly speaking, nothing is worse than experiencing a dent in your car or truck, especially if you’re driving a new vehicle. While you might be tempted to head over to your nearest car repair shop, it’s essential to know some DIY tricks which can help you solve the issue without spending a dime. 

Therefore, to help you learn some quick hacks when it comes to removing vehicle dents, we at a professional car body shop in Essex, have formulated this know-how guide so that you can fix your car dents at the comfort of your home. So, without further wasting any more seconds, let’s jump into the guide.

Proper DIY Hacks For Removing Vehicle Dents

  • Using The Plunger Suction Method

The main objective of this process is to fix a small dent with minimal hassles. The first task that you need to perform is to get a plunger and fix the same on your vehicle. This method will work great on the exterior part of your car – be it side panels or doors. The suction is created to clear the dent. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, you need to use a cup plunger and not a flange plunger. Only a cup plunger will be able to create the suction pressure you need to make your vehicle dent-free. 

Begin the process by wetting the plunger as well as the dent. Then proceed to give a few pulls. Take your time and make sure you carry out the process slowly. Don’t carry out the procedure aggressively. 

  • Using The Boiling Water Method

Most modern vehicles come with plastic bumpers, which makes it easy for clearing any dents. In case you have any dent on your vehicle’s bumper, you can quickly remove the same by pouring boiling water over the surface. The boiling water will allow the plastic to become soft and you can undo the dent. 

Simply use your hands to push out the dent from the other side after applying the boiling water. 

  • Using The Dry Ice Pop-Out Method

You can utilise dry ice to remove dents from your vehicle’s surface. All you need to do is to rub the dry ice on the surface area of the dent and the cold temperature will allow the dent to pop out. Professional services for dent repair in Essex suggest wearing some protection for your hands because dry ice can be too cold to hold properly.

In case you don’t have dry ice, you can proceed to use simple household refrigerator ice for the same and see if the dent pops out on its own. Continue to repeat the process till the surface is dent-free. You can also choose to go with a hairdryer application before applying the dry ice. Such a process will allow the dent surface to expand when heating and then contract when cooling, allowing the dent to pop out seamlessly.

  • Using Hair Dryer & Compressed Air Method

Quite similar to our previously mentioned procedure, but this time you’ll be using compressed air can instead of dry ice. The process starts off with the hairdryer heating up the dented area and then the compressed air can providing the cold air for immediate cooling. 

Try to get the dented surface as heated up as possible with the hairdryer, so that you can obtain better results for the same. 

And with that last suggestion, we arrive at the end of our guide. We hope you enjoyed our brilliant recommendations and in case you have any feedback to share, be sure to let us know about the same.