Home decor trends can be really crazy. Sometimes it goes all monochromatic with only white dominating the colour chart and sometimes it makes metals like steel and copper look fantabulous in your home decor. Whatever the trends are, most of us like to follow the bandwagon. Well, that is why if presently you are looking to add that sheen and shine in your home décor, we would highly suggest you go for the latest fad in home décor trends – metals — and incorporate it gracefully into your home décor.

Mixing Metals In Home Decor

Do you know what is the unique property of metals that always makes it rule the trend charts? Well, if designed perfectly by the metal fabricators in London like Steel Makers, metals like steel have the property to blend well with any other material to complement any kind of home décor style. No matter if you are looking for a contemporary home, a minimalist one, or simply an eclectic style with vibrant tones, metal adds its own distinct charm and just how! We would suggest you try incorporating this material in your home décor by follow the trends listed below:

1. The metal accent wall — You can make a great impact with metal to create a focal wall décor. Start with choosing the metallic tones on your accent wall paint — and add some copper, brass, or steel artefact to it. Like, a huge wall clock with a bronze border, some unique artwork with a mix of various metals, or steel lattice structure zoning out your room. You could also clad your walls with metal sheets or corrugated metal if you want to go overboard with metal. In fact, beaten metal would create a 3D effect on your wall – surely a conversation starter!

2. The gold and silver effect in your room — A room with a single metallic tone – say, gold or silver – is passe. Welcome a blend of colors and finishes to create an element of interest. Like, some gold-toned wallpaper would create a glamorous backdrop for silver-toned steel furniture. Or you could simply add these shades of metals as your handles, accessories, curtain rods et al for a graceful interior.

3. The unique metal art pieces —Another way to add a fantastic touch to your home décor is getting some of the most exceptional metal art pieces. These can be old antique pieces or simply new creations of the millennials which can be made up of aluminum, brass, silver, steel, and copper as well. Just place these creative pieces in your home décor and see the magic.

4. The metallic door frames — Your doors may be made up of traditional wood or glass. But what if you add some metallic frames? Extremely enticing and magnificent, right? What’s more? You aren’t limited to just doors; they can look splendid around your windows and corridor entrances too.

Such metallic décor trends are flooding the home-décor magazines currently. However, these aren’t all. You can think beyond these trends and play up the charm of metal in the light fixtures, your furniture, and even in the elegant bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The results would be dynamic, and your home interiors would sparkle with the right metallic touch blended perfectly with other complementing materials creating texture, interest, and drama.