A professional house inspection is when an inspector visits to evaluate the condition of a property, such as a house or an apartment. It is not possible to do a home inspection yourself.

What are the benefits of a home inspection?

Inspections provide a complete and objective view of a house’s condition. Reviews will evaluate structural stability, electrical and plumbing systems, and whether there are mold or other infestations. The home inspector will assess not only the appearance of the home home’s appearance but also the house’s safety and security.

Inspectors inspect every aspect of the home, from top to bottom. This includes crawl spaces, gutters, and the HVAC system. The inspection usually takes two to four hours and can cost anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on where you live and how large your home is. A few home inspectors will also test for asbestos and radon.

What are the best times to have a home inspection done?

Although the place appears in perfect condition, a home inspection can uncover hidden problems.

A Home Inspection in Pennsylvania is usually performed within 7 to 14 days of the purchase contract being accepted. However, it will only take place once you close on the deal. Inspections are for more than just older properties or homes with apparent problems. A home inspection may also be required for a new home.

You can get your own home inspection if you are planning on putting your home up for sale. This will allow you to identify any issues that may need fixing to ensure a smooth sale.

To make the process as smooth and efficient as possible, it is a good idea to hire a home inspector if you are the buyer. You can only cancel the deal if you have completed the inspection by the closing date.

How can you find a home inspector in your area?

Usually, the buyer is responsible for arranging home inspection services and paying the home inspection fee. Word-of-mouth is an excellent way to find out about other properties. For recommendations, ask your family members, friends, and real estate agents.

One rule of thumb is to look for someone who is a specialist in home inspections. They should either be a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors or certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

You won’t hire a home inspector, no matter how pleasant they might be.

  • Years of experience in performing inspections
  • Solid working knowledge of residential home systems and structures
  • Affiliation to a home inspection group

Home inspections checklist

Check that your home’s utilities, like your water heater, are in good working order.

There are some things that you should do before you inspect a home if you are the buyer.

  • It would help if you inspected your home from room to room. Look out for cracks in your home’s foundation, moisture issues, mold or termite damage, and other potential dealbreakers.
  • Fix any severe maintenance issues as soon as possible before the inspection.
  • Get in touch with a reliable home inspector early.
  • You can coordinate the date and time of the inspection with property owners and make sure you have a few hours to spare so that you can attend personally.
  • During the inspection, verify that all utilities and electric systems are working correctly. All utilities such as AC, water heaters, gas, and lights must be turned on and off. Check that smoke detectors and fire alarms work correctly.

Sellers have a lot of work to do before an inspection. It’s essential to clean up the house, get rid of clutter, and change out dead light bulbs. The inspector and buyer will be more inclined to assume that your home has been neglected. First impressions are essential.

You can repair any minor issues, such as broken screens and windows, or replace the air filters in your heating and air conditioning systems. Also, you can clean up water damage, even if it is an old leak that was repaired long ago.

The seller is responsible for getting out of the way when it comes to inspections. The inspector, buyer, and realtor usually attend the examination.

After a home inspection, dealbreakers

You could lose your home if you have serious issues discovered during a home inspection. These are the things buyers need to be aware of and what sellers should do before selling their homes.


Yeah, no thanks.

Buyers: Even if you have made an offer and it was approved, you are still legally allowed to cancel the deal if there are severe problems like pest infestations.

Sellers beware! Buyers will flee if they see termites or bedbugs in your home before you hire an exterminator to inspect the property.


Sellers should inspect and replace any damaged flashing and shingles and re-caulk all points where ventilation pipes enter the roof.

Buyers might be concerned about minor roof issues, but they may decide to accept the deal regardless, perhaps in exchange for a lower cost.


That’s going to come back to haunt you.

A home with a good foundation is likely to be sold. Hire an engineer to evaluate your home and give you a cost estimate.

Buyers need to remember that structural problems are traditionally dealt with by the seller. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to fix them. It is common to find out that a home you are interested in buying has structural or foundation problems.

Minor problems can be fixed by you, such as sealing cracks with silicone caulk or epoxy caulk and sealing the exterior foundation. Also, make sure that all doors and windows can open and close smoothly without sticking.

Plumbing system

If you don’t address the problem quickly, plumbing and sewer lines can become a significant problem in your home. Consider replacing your old pipes with newer piping made from better materials if they are more than a decade old. It is essential to fix any visible leaks and unclog your gutters and drains.


Buyers may not want to buy a furnace that is near death. Consider replacing your furnace before the inspection if it is in its final days. Consider how much it will cost you to return the stove if you are the one purchasing the house. You can also ask the seller to lower your price.

Electric systems

Many older homes need better electrical wiring. An electrician should inspect your outlets, junction boxes, and electrical panel and repair or replace any that are damaged. Although buyers might not be willing to cancel a deal because of faulty electrics, they can ask the seller to address the problem before closing the deal.

The following steps following a home inspection

Once your home inspection is complete, you can typically expect a report within a few days.

The inspection company usually takes several days to send the report. The report is sent only to buyers unless the seller has paid a portion of the costs or the buyer agrees to share it.

You, the buyer, will need to read the report carefully. Your real estate agent or lawyer may also need to review the contents. Experts suggest that you concentrate on the significant flaws as you are unlikely to find a perfect property. Get estimates from contractors to find out the cost of fixing any problems.

A contingency clause in real estate contracts allows buyers to cancel the deal if a report reveals serious safety concerns. You’ll need to think carefully if that happens.

Buyers and sellers may need to negotiate if the report reveals any unexpected issues.

The seller is responsible for repairing some defects, such as structural problems or infestations. Other items are open to negotiation. In exchange for minor flaws being fixed by the buyers, the seller may agree to lower the price. Or buyers might insist that they be corrected before the transaction takes place.

Looking after your home

You want your home to be in top condition, whether you are selling it or buying one. Regular maintenance is essential. However, you can still have unexpected problems.

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