Home improvement and DIY are two great ways of adding valuation to your home while also updating it;

with the housing market being so competitive we need to do all we can to ensure our home is sold, if that’s what we want. Along with this we should also be making an effort to improve our living experience, with our home being a true reflection of the person we are we should spend time to ensure it is perfect from the layout to the appliances right back to the design. Within our home there are many rooms that we can improve, whether it being the bathroom, the living room or the kitchen; each one if done properly will add valuation onto our home while also making it more attractive to us and any guests we may be entertaining. Today I intend on focusing on the kitchen purely for the fact it is one of, if not the most used room in the home. In times gone by the kitchen was a room that only the women of the home would usually occupy, a place where they would prepare food for their families and guests. Fast forward to now and the inevitable future, as the kitchen seems to take over the imagination of homeowners all of the UK and the rest of the globe.

Kitchens are becoming more expensive and also more attractive, largely down to the fact that it is not just a place for eating now but also a place for living and entertaining… Some homes have even incorporated a sofa into their kitchen which says it all really. With all of the above in mind we need to ensure our homes kitchen is up to standard; simple improvements can be made to ensure our kitchen looks and feels the part. Whether this is for recreational purposes or for selling your home it shouldn’t matter. After all no matter whom the homeowner is or is going to be, a good kitchen will most definitely be an essential. The best kitchen updates Kitchen Cabinets Repairing and replacing kitchen cabinets is one of the most cost effective kitchen improvements on the market; this can be perfect for those homeowners who are struggling to fund a full kitchen revamp but really need to make some fairly big changes.

You can edit the style of your kitchen cabinets easily, simply stripping the old cabinets paint is the easiest way to begin this project; although some prefer to paint or varnish over the old. There are so many different colours and styles available there really is something for everyone. Think about the theme and feeling you wish to give off in your kitchen, with winter approaching it may be a good idea to go for warmer colours such as oranges and reds. Also are you looking for a modern look? If so then you should think about using gloss to add a shiny and stylish finish to your new looking kitchen. Replacing kitchen fittings Our kitchen fittings may only seem like a small part in the grand scheme of your kitchen renovation however they can make a fairly big difference…

Replacing kitchen cabinet hinges, kitchen cupboard handles and drawer slides are all improvements that can be done on a fairly low budget and have decent impact. Kitchen cupboard handles If you have already decided you are going to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets by using the techniques I explained above you should definitely think about replacing your kitchen handles too. What is the point in remodeling your old kitchen cabinets if you are going to leave your old, rundown handles on? Well there isn’t. You can purchase many different sized, shaped and style kitchen cupboard handles from chrome, d-shaped handles too round antique pewter finished ones. Replacing your old kitchen worktops Your kitchen worktops are probably one of the 3 most important factors within any kitchen; with this in mind you must ensure you get it right. Now there are 5 main options for the material you want for your kitchen worktops and they are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Laminate
  • Composites and Acrylics
  • Wood
  • Stone

There are some more expensive options too though such as:

  • Marble
  • Granite

Whatever you choose it should fit the style of the rest of your kitchen; natural stone is one of my favourite options. I say this because it not only gives off a gorgeous look and feel but it is also very durable too. Laminate worktops are also available and are quiet cheap while also very easy to fit, one huge positive about laminate worktops is that you can get just about any colour you wish with such a large range of realistic looking woods to choose from. Changing your kitchen flooring Your flooring is another one of the main things to think about within your kitchen, I think there are only three options that work well in the kitchen and they’re

  • Laminate
  • Tiled
  • Real Wood

Laminate is obviously the cheapest option of the three and because of this it is the most popular too. these ideas are good and also cheap and easy to lay, this cost effective. if you have young children who are likely to be spilling drinks and dropping food on a regular occasion. Real wood is a much more expensive option but it adds a classy and very durable solution as does the tiled option. Basic home and kitchen improvement tools Every handyman or professionally will tell you that there are certain tools you must have within your toolbox and for DIYers this is no different. That’s why to finish this article I will leave you with a list of a few tools you should have at your disposal.

  • Variation of spirit levels – Boat Level, 600mm Box section level, Metric combination square
  • Tape Measures
  • Carpenters pencils
  • A good toolbox
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver and screwdriver sets
  • Cutting knife
  • Paint Brushes
  • Dust Sheets
  • Safety equipment  Safety gloves, safety boots, safety hat, high visibility vest

These are the very minimum you will need for a DIY job, for many jobs you may need specialist parts of equipment and tools, such as a trowel for any bricklaying.