This article will discuss the best boat accessories in Perth. We’ll also discuss these and why they are important for your boat.

We will start by listing the essential accessories for boat owners according to Victoria’s State Law. These accessories are mandatory for powerboats that navigate in Victoria’s waters.

You must have accessories for your boat:

Chart plotter and Paper charts

Chartplotter, or paper charts, are similar to a map. They provide water depth, danger locations along the route, location and characteristics of navigation aids, anchorages, and many other features. Safe navigation is possible only with the nautical chart. To plan their voyages, navigators use paper charts/chart plotters.

Although a Chartplotter or paper charts are not required on a boat, most boaters own one and believe it should be. A chart plotter’s main purpose is to help the skipper plot and follow a course. The chart plotter can help you navigate safely and effectively when you return to shore. This life-saving boating system is essential.


Fish Finder uses sound energy to detect reflected waves of sound energy underwater. It will tell you the number of fish present and their size. It also gives you information about the location where you fish, such as the temperature and depth of the water.

An underwater transducer converts an electrical impulse from a transmitter into sound waves and sends them into the ocean floor. If the wave hits something like a fish, it will reflect and display its size, composition, shape, and other details.


Anchor winches make a great investment, regardless of the size of your boat. An anchor winch is a device that holds and manipulates an anchor chain to allow it to be raised or lowered.

Many types of winches are available, including mechanical drum-style, electric, capstan-style, hydraulic, and mechanical drum-style. The performance of your anchor system may be affected by the winch design, weight, and anchor setup. Consider the size of your boat, its utility and placement when purchasing a winch. If you are unsure, seek professional advice.


Autopilot can control the boat’s direction but not its speed. Many autopilot systems can be connected to a GPS or chart plotter and will steer your boat to a point or route that you have chosen.

This boat supply is great at keeping the vessel on a straight course, even in moderate to light conditions. It also allows for minimal helm movement. Autopilots allow you to manage your boat while enjoying the back deck fishing or taking a break on long trips.

Fun fact: Traveling with autopilot to a destination will decrease gas/petrol usage.

Safety tip: It is strongly recommended that you install a marine radar on your boat. This marine accessory detects potential collision hazards in front of your vessel and alerts you immediately.


Two batteries are often used in boats. The first is the Start Battery, which provides a lot of currents but can only be charged quickly and is not tolerant to deep discharges. The second is the deep cycle, which can withstand repeated deep discharges and recharge without causing damage.

Two batteries are necessary for the primary purpose of having one Battery in reserve in the event of problems on the water.


You can listen to your favourite stations wherever you are, and the marine stereo system includes an AM/FM radio tuner.
The only feature of the Weather Band’ is that standard AM/FM radio stations offer weather information, but not always.


Underwater boat lights are designed to illuminate the boat when it is docked or while fishing/sailing. To make underwater LED boat lights work well, they must be made of durable and waterproof materials that resist corrosion.

Tip There are many substandard water products that don’t last very long when put to the test in saltwater environments with barnacles, etc.


Boat catch provides safety and security when launching your boat. Boat catch is a pin with heavy-duty that automatically locates in the eye when retrieving the boat and secures it on the trailer.

Some vessels may require minor modifications to ensure a properly installed system. Nautek Marine technicians are qualified to provide expert advice and a professionally installed boat catch system for your boat.


The Wakeboard Ballast bags/Fat Sacs can hold water and add weight. You will need to increase the boat’s weight in order to create a larger wake. Ballast bags are a great and easy way to accomplish this.

You should place most of your ballast towards the back of your boat and one side to maximize your wake. These ballast bags come in a variety of sizes, from 225-pound bags to 750-pound bags. Your wake will be larger the heavier you are. This accessory is essential for wakeboarders.