Clients often ask us if they should attend the inspection when scheduling inspections with our company. It is a clear “Yes!” Buyers attending the inspection allows the inspector to address their concerns and introduce them to the various components of the house.

Clients are encouraged to arrive within the hour of the end of the home inspection in greensboro nc. Our inspectors have more time to complete smaller tasks and get started on a home inspection. This also reduces the client’s “downtime”.
We discuss any concerns the client may have about the house once they arrive. This helps the inspector get a better understanding of their priorities. Some clients are concerned about safety for their children while others are more concerned about the HVAC system. In one instance, the buyers had plans to remodel their home but were not concerned about moisture damage in the bathroom. To better understand the needs of his clients, a good home inspector must be able to read them.

The inspector can also give advice on maintenance and provide information about repairs or upgrades to the client if the client is present at the inspection. The inspector will be able to show the client how the house is operated. The inspector can show the client how to operate electrical panels and shut off main water supply. Sometimes, the inspector can help a buyer see that what they think is a major problem is not. We have found that clients are less likely to understand what happens during a home inspection when they aren’t there. It helps clients build trust with the home inspector if they can see the details of the home inspection process. We encourage clients to call us if they are unable to be there or if they are unable to travel. The inspector will walk the client through each section, address any concerns and build trust in the process.

The client should attend the home inspection whenever possible. The client will gain a better understanding of how the home works and the process involved in it. It also gives the inspector a better idea of how to customize the inspection for each client. Agents can save money by ensuring that the client understands the issue and has trust in the inspector.