We all know the importance of recycling and reusing items such as plastic containers, hand-me-down clothing and newspapers. Reusing and recycling can help reduce the amount of waste and reduce landfills.

Although scrap metal recycling is not as well-known, it is an important sector of the recycling industry. Reusing metals allows us to reuse valuable resources and decrease the global amount of mines. These metals include iron, copper, aluminium, brass and steel.

These materials often end up in the trash because there is not enough information and resources for metal recycling. We are here to educate the community about how to recycle your unwanted metal items and earn some extra cash.

Recycling scrap metal makes money

Many people are unaware that scrap metal can be used to make cash payments at scrap yards in the country . This keeps this valuable material out of landfills.

Metal-handling industries often have scrap metal yards. Construction companies might have tons of steel beams, electricians may have outdated wires and equipment, and plumbers may have copper piping or brass fixtures they need to dispose off. Although scrap yards receive a lot of metal from the trade, they are also open to homeowners and other individuals.

You can recycle your scrap metal by bringing it to scrap yards.

A magnet assesses metal value

Before you can recycle metal, it is important to determine if your ferrous metal is present.

Grab a magnet to find out the type of metal you have. This is the easiest and most popular way to determine this. Hint – Any magnet will work, even one from your fridge.

A magnet stuck to your metal will indicate that you have ferrous metal. This could be steel, iron or something similar. The scrap yard will take ferrous metal, but it won’t be worth much.

A non-ferrous metal is one that does not stick to a magnet. Non-ferrous metals include many common metals like copper, aluminum and brass. These metals are extremely valuable and can be recycled for more money.

After you have separated your metals, look for a scrap yard to call and ask what metals they take. Before you go, make sure to ask about their requirements and procedures. Many homeowners are afraid to go to the scrap yard. You can feel confident about going to a scrap yard by calling ahead and making sure your metals are separated properly. You may need to go to scrap yards to unload your metal on their scales. Others might have someone who can help you.

Knowing your metals is helpful

Recognizing the value of what you are recycling is the most difficult part of metal recycling. It’s easy to recognize the basic metals.

Copper – $$$$

If it is in good shape, copper will turn a reddish hue. It can take on a brownish color with some green rusted spots if it’s a little worn.

Copper is a very common material in your house. Copper can be found in plumbing pipes, roofing materials such as gutters, and inside air conditioners. Copper is also found in electrical wires. Under the black or colored insulation is brightly colored copper wire. Copper is one the most valuable metals that can be recycled. Scrap copper in Sydney is one of the most valuable metals to recycle. Separating it from other metals can give you some “pat on the back” money that you can use for scrap yard recycling.

Aluminum – $

Aluminum can be painted but it is not often painted. It is a whitish-silver color. Aluminum bends easily when it is thin.

Aluminium cans are often taken to scrap yards and sold in bulk. Aluminum cans aren’t the only thing you can use this metal for. Aluminum can be found in many areas of your home, including siding, windows frames, doors and gutters. Aluminum can be recycled within a few months, even though it is not very expensive at the scrapyard. Recycling aluminum can save 80% on energy, so it is important to recycle it.

Brass – $$

Brass is yellowish-reddish in color and quite heavy.

Brass is often found in hardware such as keys, door handles and light fixtures. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc and can be found in plumbing fixtures as well as at the ends of copper pipes. Brass is a mid-level item in a scrapyard. It can quickly add up in weight due to its dense nature.

Steel – $

Steel can rust easily, so a magnet is a good choice.

One of the most widely used metals is steel. It can be found in everything from cars to shelves and cabinets to your kitchen. You won’t be able to sell steel at scrap yards unless you have thousands of lbs. It is still a good idea to take your scrap steel to be recycled. Steel is one of most easily recycled materials. Steel can be melted and reused repeatedly.