Ventilation systems are very important in homes for the comfort of occupants. They are not guaranteed to work properly after they have been installed. To ensure their longevity and performance, they must be cleaned.

The Cleaning of the air ducts is beneficial to both the economy and health of all users and occupants. Do you live in Montreal and want to know more about cleaning your air ducts? Are you looking for a professional in Air Duct Cleaning in Burnaby? We can help!

Clean your air ducts is necessary

It would be best if you cleaned your air ducts frequently for several reasons. First, to protect your health, unclean ducts can lead to many respiratory illnesses. To ensure indoor air quality, you must clean the ventilation vents. This is why ventilation was chosen.

The duct cleaning reduces heating costs and eliminates the possibility of fires. You must ensure that your ducts are cleaned regularly to maintain a high performance of your installations. It is important to know that unpleasant odors may make you uncomfortable if your ducts aren’t cleaned regularly.

Montreal: Who cleans the air ducts?

Why use a ventilation duct cleaning company?

Ventilation duct cleaning does not only have to be done on the surface. If you notice dust accumulations in different areas of the system, it is important to understand that the inside of the system is the same. Sometimes, the inside can be worse than the exterior. Chemical Cleaning is necessary to remove mold, microorganisms and bacteria from the inside.

Only professionals in this field have the necessary tools and experience to handle the products. Imperial Cleaning is a reputable company specializing in air-duct Cleaning in South Shore. A job done right will save you time.

How do I clean my air ducts?

Each company has its method, depending on the equipment used and the job’s difficulty. The method that seems to be effective is the Imperial Cleaning method: Friction-Aspiration-Pulsion.

First, inspect the ductwork to determine what tools are needed. 

What time should I clean my air ducts?

You should clean them now if you don’t recall when. Please do it now, and your health is dependent on it.

There is no set frequency to clean air ducts. There are many factors to consider. There are several factors to consider: the number of occupants, their habits, and the system’s use.

Normal conditions dictate that you clean your installations at least once every five years. Make sure to inspect the installations for dirt.

What is the cost of an air duct cleaning in Montreal?

It all depends upon the complexity of your work. For example, how many vents you have, how many plaster vents you have, how much dust, etc. Do not always take the first offer.

Take advantage of promotional periods offered by companies to clean your ventilation fans. It costs less than it used to.

Cleaning ventilation ducts costs, on average, $690. Each case is different.