What do you know about architectural styles, features, and history?

Healthy landscaping, vibrant colors, well-executed craftsmanship, and a great paint job in neutral colors are key ingredients to curb appeal. How much do you know about architectural styles, features, and history? A solid residential architecture background can help you get more expensive listings and give buyers insight into the homes they are viewing.

1. What are the most important features in a Queen Anne House?

A. Steep Roof with Cross Gables

B. Symmetrical Front Facade

C. Multicolored palettes

Answer: A, C. Queen Anne style is a combination of and . This style was popularized after the Civil War and features elaborate paint jobs and “gingerbread” trim.

2. These are some fascinating facts about bungalow-style houses.

A. It was created in the Northeast after World War II to help returning veterans.

B. Many companies sold bungalow kits via mail-order catalogues.

C. Dormer Bungalows offer the attractiveness of maintaining stable temperatures during the various seasons.

Answer : B. Bungalows were created in California in the 1880s. They then moved eastward to the Midwest where they remained very popular until the Great Depression.

3. What are the key features of a Doric Column?

A. a tapered shaft

B. 24-flutes in the shaft

C. A column that has a pedestal or base at the bottom

Answer: A. A column consists of a shaft, capital, and base at its bottom. Doric columns have a slight tapering along with 20 flutes or grooves running the length the shaft.

4. What are the key characteristics that give Frank Lloyd Wright’s home its iconic look and feel?

A. Flat profile with strong horizontal lines

B. Decked porches

C. Each room has its own character.

Answer : A. Wright created his Prairie-style homes in order to unify “man, nature and architecture.”

5. Which window style is most popular for its privacy?

A. 12 by 12-inch frame

B. Block

C. Windows using grids

Answer: A. Glass block windows are most commonly found in bathrooms and lower levels.