Toilet paper as we all know is a household staple. We use the tissue and when that’s finished we simply toss the roll that came with it into the garbage without thinking that maybe it can be used for something else! The tissue is used for: Personal hygiene and cleaning up spills. We never think that  the cardboard that came with it could be used to create something, sure kids will be playing with it for some minutes and then we all know where it ends. Basically what we are trying to say is that before you toss out the roll, think what could you do with it other than throwing away.
We have gathered together some tips on how to re-use the paper roll and they are simply amazing!

Reusing stuff is the best thing we can do for the environment!

  • Be creative with the rolls and use them as house decorations, simply use the guide below to cut them into cute shapes and you’ll be able to put them around a mirror or wherever you desire!
  •  If it happens to have kids that love playing with toy cars, you could make their dream of having a garage happen! The more rolls you have the better, also there will be a less of a chance of them being left scattered around the house and you stepping on one, so it’s a win win situation.
  •  They also are great seed starters! The cardboard will degrade and slowly decompose into the ground after a while so your plants will be having the best foundation to grow properly and beautifully.
  •  You’re able to turn the paper rolls into an organizing tool as well. Save a bunch of them and get another piece of cardboard ( obviously not hard to find). You gonna have to glue them together and just use it to store make up or even your office supplies!
  •  If you don’t want to let them look exactly like toilet paper rolls, you can give them this rustic twist!  Simply get some twigs from outside and glue them on the rolls. You’ll be able to use them for storing your pencils or whatever you intend to store in them.
  •  This one is mostly for those who like to watch birds closely, get a toilet paper roll and cover it in peanut butter, then roll that around in some bird seeds so they can stick, final part just  pop the roll into a branch and watch the feast getting started.
  •  There is indeed nothing worse than having a lot of cords and they all get tangled! It becomes a mess and you get angry in an instant. Toilet rolls can be helpful for you to store and organize your cords to save you a lot of grief. You won’t be stuck untangling them for ages.
  •  If knitting is your thing this simple trick will help you to keep yarn around the toilet rolls and as a result everything looks clean and organized also very easy to use them whenever you want.
  •  Scarves can be a lot of trouble, we’ve all experienced that and toilet rolls are here to help us organize them in best and easy way possible. If  you have a lot of them simply roll them and put it in the Roll so they are easy to pick out and find.
  •  Toilet paper rolls are helpful at keeping your wrapping paper from unraveling  and wasting a lot of your money. Simply put them  in toilet paper rolls.
  • Use them also to create cute little gifts by following the instructions below. It’s great when you are gifting someone something small like a necklace or bracelet, it looks simply beautiful.
  • Don’t go spending a lot on fancy speakers for your iPhone just yet. Cut a hole  in the middle of the tube and pop your phone into it. It surely will amplify the sound as it comes out of the tube on both ends. You can also wrap it in some cute wrapping paper to make it look fancy.
  •  Create this beautiful monsters, with glue paint and some sicissors, easy as that.
  •  Honeycomb with cute little bees that hangs on a wall! This brilliant idea was made possible by Icreative Ideas. For detailed project on how to make the Honeycomb with bees
  •  Create little animals in order to make your kids smile more, they will be knowing the animals way better when you do this!