Bathrooms are wet — says everyone always! But we don’t want it always filled with water splashes and moisture. So, what’s the solution then? One thing is for sure – you can dream of having a totally dry bathroom. In fact, today most contemporary homeowners like it that way and it’s considered a mark of sophistication. So, let’s read about achieving this!

How can you keep your bathroom totally dry?

A dry bathroom is possible even though you use it forty-five times a day and there are hardly ten minutes of gaps in between these visits. And if you want to know the secret of achieving this — then it’s all ready and listed for you below:

  • Proper ventilation — First thing first – remember a dry bathroom is impossible without proper ventilation in this space. If you don’t have an outlet to let the wetness and moist air escape from the room, it’s going to stink, and you’ll even find mould and mildew formation in the bathroom very soon. And most of all, the wetness or moisture on the floor and even on the walls would be a consistent issue here.
  • Installing shower enclosures — Most of the time, the entire area of your bathroom stays wet constantly because of the shower enclosure not being separated. You can keep a dry and wet area in your bathroom by installing a separate shower enclosure. Herein, the shower tray needs to be a bit slanted towards the drain so that the water drains directly after the usage, and it doesn’t even make the other parts of the bathroom wet.
  • Install water-resistant tiles — Yes, one of the ways to keep your bathroom dry is by installing water-resistant tiles. These can be found under the section of special bathroom tiles in Melbourne at Ceramic Tile Imports which also provides you with lots of other options in tiles that can be easily installed in every part of your house. These tiles are super easy to clean and since they don’t absorb water much, the bathroom floor stays dry.
  • Keep mopping it — Ok, so here’s a tough process, but the outcome is really good. You’ll have to mop the bathroom dry after its use and tadaa! It stays so until you use it back again!
  • Install exhaust fan — Call an exhaust fan a magical device that ensures a dry bathroom within no time. Just switch it on after every use and you’ll find the entire water being evaporated from this area within minutes.
  • Keeping the bathroom open for some minutes — This hack takes you back to your granny’s time but really works well. (Yes, even they dreamt of having a dry bathroom in those days.) You just need to keep the bathroom door open for a few minutes after using it and the water evaporates naturally. Next, spray some air freshener and close the door! It will stay fresh, clean, and dry!

On a serious note – having a dry bathroom is actually pretty healthy and safe too. You don’t face the risk of infections and allergies that happen due to constant moisture in a space like a bathroom and there are no slips as well.  Now tell us, aren’t our tips worth trying and useful?